Asharq News Launches New Weekly Economic Programme ‘TAQA +’

The show is Asharq’s first to be filmed fully in virtual reality (VR)

Riyadh, October 6, 2021 – Asharq News is launching ‘TAQA +’, its first virtual reality show that focuses on the challenges and opportunities in the fast-evolving energy sector. The programme will begin airing every Saturday at 7:30 pm (KSA) as of Oct. 9, 2021.

The first episode will host both Dr Nadim Farajallah, Director of the Climate Change and the Environment Program at the Issam Fares Institute AUB, and Ahmed Samir Elbermbali, Managing Director, Clean Energy Business Council MENA.

‘TAQA +’ goes beyond oil markets and supply-and-demand challenges to ask the most pressing questions: When will the world reach peak demand for oil? What are the reliable alternative sources that can drive the energy sector after oil? And how will the countries of the region use their natural and human resources to maintain their lead in the global energy supply map?

This is particularly important following the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused major disruptions to global supply chains and triggered unprecedented price fluctuations.

“‘TAQA+’ is our answer to the rapid developments transforming the global energy market, which created an urgent need for comprehensive media coverage that deals with the energy sector in its broadest sense, going well beyond oil,” said Riad Hamade, Director of Business News at Asharq News. “The use of VR technologies allows us to offer premium and enjoyable content to Arab viewers, who are more affected by economic events than ever before.”

The 30-minute show features Mohammed Fathi, seasoned media professional with more than 10 years of experience in economic TV programmes. Fathi has made his name tackling prominent issues in the global energy market, including the negative oil prices witnessed in the early stages of economic lockdowns at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. His coverage was the most viewed on social media.

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An exclusive content agreement with Bloomberg Media, the business and financial information news leader, powers a key component, “Asharq Business with Bloomberg”, drawing on Bloomberg’s comprehensive coverage from more than 2,700 journalists and analysts globally.

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Within its first three months of launch, Asharq News was awarded ‘ME Innovative Project of the year’ 2020 – at the BroadcastPro Annual Summit and Awards and shortlisted as trendsetter. Furthermore, our design partner Clickspring Design won three categories and received three honorable mentions in this year’s Broadcast Production Awards. Asharq News’ Dubai Facility won ‘International Set of the Year’ and ‘Set Design Fabrication’.

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