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Tony Ward Couture 2021

Tony Ward Couture 2021

Strobe lights flickering and Deep-House music thumping.We are in a warehouse, past curfew hours, celebrating late into the early hours the infectious pulse that is Beirut. She is uninhibited,super-glam…Her silhouettes are sharp;Every now & then, dramatic volumes take shape. He is a party boy, ready to take on the night;Beirut’s glittering horizon reflected into embroidered

Pulse Of The People

It’s July 6. 11.30AM Paris time Lights on, Music up… But we’re not on the runway…  & not in Paris Haute Couture Week. We’re in Beirut. In our Ateliers.  With our Team. The magical hands are sketching, creating, stitching…. The collection will be out… but not now. Soon. The Tony Ward House has taken the


Because it’s a time to reflect, rethink, reimagine… Because in every crisis, lies an opportunity to grow and reinvent ourselves… In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tony Ward Couture launched the “REINVENTING FASHION IN THE TIME OF CORONA” Competition, inviting the next generation of designers, filmmakers and artists to imagine Fashion after the Corona crisis

Tony Ward Ready-to-Wear Fall Winter 2020/21 HIDDEN GEMS

You come across a stone, Place it under a magnifier, & it takes you somewhere else… Crystallized, perfectly polished, It glows in many ways, It has round or sharp edges… You turn it many times to be sure of its real color… These Hidden Gems inspired Tony Ward for his Ready-to-Wear Fall/Winter 2020/21 collection. From