Beirut Art Film Festival (BAFF), a premiere in Lebanon, will screen a fine selection of 25 recent documentaries on art at Metropolis Empire Sofil – Ashrafieh and in major Beirut universities, from November 5th to 8th 2015. The most exclusive documentaries assembled shall be screened for the first time in Beirut! They will feature Architecture, Art collections, Cinema, Contemporary Art, Dance, Design, Divas, Fashion, Masterpieces, Museums, Music and Photography;


BAFF is an invitation to a wonderful   journey into the mystery of creativity, through documentaries. BAFF is not a

contest. It is rather an open space dedicated to beauty and culture; rendered possible thanks to the generosity of donors, partners, sponsors and, the dedication of its organizers and workers.

For Five days, Beirut will glitter rays of sophistication, glamour, and refinement.


BAFF mission and objective

Created in 2014, BAFF’s mission is essentially cultural:

  • Increase awareness and appreciation of art to a wide audience both in Lebanon and the Middle East,
  • Highlight achievements of film, video and television professionals,
  • Bring together an audience of all ages around the film, as an expression of modern culture,
  • Support production and dissemination of documentaries on cultural life in Lebanon.

BAFF organizers are

  • Alice Mogabgab Karam – BAFF founder and Festival Manager
  • Consultant
    • Nadine Mokdessi – Honorary committee member, Public Relation and NGO Consultant
    • Souraya Karam – Administrative Assistant
    • Alia Karam – Administrative Assistant

    BAFF opening ceremony

    Will be held on November 4th, at 7pm at the Metropolis Empire Sofil – Ashrafieh

    Under the patronage of His Excellency Mr. Raymond Araigy, Minister of Culture

    BAFF organizers are honored to open the festival with a screening of a documentary on the

    Lebanese diva Fairouz (60’) by Frédéric Mitterrand.


    BAFF 2015 events

    The program features documentaries by established international film directors:

    • Wim Wenders,
    • Fréderic Mitterrand,
    • Akram Zaatari,
    • Evelyn Schels,
    • Raphaelle Aellig Regnier and others.

    During this first edition, a selection of worldwide titles shall be screened:

    Pierre Sarraf – Honorary committee member, Communication and Production ConsultantMichèle Helou Nahas – BAFF founder and Artistic ManagerMaria Chakhtoura – Honorary committee member, Communication and Artistic

    • The Salt of the Earth,
    • Sagrada: The Mystery of Creation,
    • Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes,
    • Matisse and Picasso

    Most of the films are to be showcased for the first time in Lebanon.

    BAFF shall highlight major historical artistic events based on rare archives:

    • The life and outstanding destiny of Rudolf Noureev with La passion Noureev,
    • The magnificent story of a French masterpiece: The True Story of the Raft of the Medusa,
    • The fascinating destiny of 1000 painting collection with Gurlitt and the Nazi Treasure,
    • The story of the biggest art forgery scandal with Beltracchi and the Art of Forgery.

    Contemporary creation shall be showcased through films on

    • Georg Baselitz (contemporary art),
    • Tadao Ando, From Emptiness to Infinity (architecture),
    • Design is One: Lella & Massimo Vignelli (design),
    • Alexandre Tharaud: Le temps dérobé (music).
    • Three major documentaries will portray the fascinating life of three historical collections:
      • Jacques Jaujard was The Man who Saved the Louvre during World War II,
      • Villa Flora, its collectors, its collection of Nabis painters and its exquisite architecture in the city of Winterthur,
      • The Great Museum, the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, is one of the most important museums in the world.


      Iconic fashion designers who contributed to social revolutions during the XXth century:

      • Chanel vs Schiaparelli
      • Lagerfeld vs Saint-Laurent.

      The greatest men’s rivalry in Italian cinema: the Fellini vs Visconti documentary.

      BAFF special soirées

      During BAFF, three soirées shall be dedicated to honor our cultural partners.

      • Dalí, the Last Masterpiece, a World Première and Josep Lluís Sert on Thursday, November

      5 with the Embassy of Spain.

      • Design is One: Lella & Massimon Vignelli, Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lighting and Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes on Friday, November 6th   with the Embassy of The United States of America.
      • Alexandre Tharaud, Le temps dérobé and Sagrada, the Mystery of Creation on Saturday, November 7th with the Embassy of Switzerland.

      A special soirée shall be dedicated to the XXth century greatest divas,

      • Callas vs Tebaldi,
      • Fairouz,
      • Oum Kalthoum, Sunday, November 8th.

      BAFF closing ceremony to be dedicated to photography. Two documentaries will be screened:

      • The Salt of the Earth directed by Wim Wenders with Sebastiao Salgado – Brasil,
      • 28 Nights and a Poem directed by Akram Zaatari with Hashim Al Madani – Lebanon.

    Benefiting NGOs

    During the festival, BAFF will offer the proceeds from sales of three documentaries to operating and active NGOs.

    • Thursday November 5th @ 8.30 pm Metropolis I: The True Story of the Raft of the Medusa


    For the benefit of TAMANNA Fund (70114718 / 01998995)

    • Thursday November 5th @ 8.30 pm Metropolis II: Dalí, the Last Masterpiece (70’) in World


    For the benefit of BRAVE HEART Fund (71483248)

    • Friday November 6th @ 8.30 pm Metropolis I: Matisse and Picasso (60’) followed by

    Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes (60’).

    For the benefit of AFEL Fund (76903410 / 03435869)


    Supporters, Partners and Sponsor

    BAFF is supported by distinguished Lebanese donors:

    • Robert A. Matta Arts & Culture Association,
    • Isabelle and Philippe Helou,
    • Anne-Marie and Alexis Habib Foundation,
    • Anonymous.

    BAFF is shouldered by Cultural Partners:

  • Lebanese Ministry of Culture,
  • Embassy of Spain,
  • Embassy of Switzerland,
  • Embassy of The United States of America.

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