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“Davos…Unsmoke your mind” Philip Morris International shares its transformational experience with world experts

“Davos…Unsmoke your mind” Philip Morris International shares its transformational experience with world experts

Davos, Switzerland, The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, which took place last week, witnessed remarkable participation from global economic institutions and organizations, which have become key contributors to building and shaping the future.  Various panel discussions were hosted by major companies who invited economic experts, scientists, and political figures to deliberate around the world’s

Bank Audi Reinforces Its Financial Positioning Increase in core equity Negotiations to sell Bank Audi Egypt

Increase in Core Equity Bank Audi has started accepting US Dollar denominated cash contributions to capital from its shareholders (holders of common shares), in application of the first stage of Banque du Liban’s circular 532. Shareholders holding the majority of the Bank’s capital have already indicated their willingness to contribute, a valuable token of their

IPT is Recruiting Lebanese Workers at its Service Stations

n view of the difficult and exceptional circumstances in the country, IPT decided in an unprecedented and responsible initiative to hire Lebanese workers at its service stations that are directly managed by the company. The available openings are the ones that are currently occupied by foreign workers namely gas filling, car washing, oil change, and

The Lebanon Enterprise and Employment Programme (LEEP) funded by UK aid, helps Lebanese SME’s by matching up to 50% of their business loans.

Beirut, August 13, 2019 – The Lebanon Enterprise and Employment Programme (LEEP) funded by the United Kingdom Agency for International Development (UK aid) is a programme supporting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Lebanon, helping them grow their business and create jobs by providing funding and Business Development Services (BDS). LEEP partners with banks, micro-finance institutions


LGB BANK SAL announces that it has finalized the increase of its equity through a cash contribution in U.S. Dollars equivalent to 10% of Common Equity Tier One as at 31/12/2018, during the Ordinary General Assembly meeting of shareholders held on 14/01/2020. By this, LGB BANK SAL complied with the terms of BDL Intermediate circular

BLOM Bank S.A.L. – Notice to Shareholders

Increasing the Bank’s Common Equity Tier One Through Cash Contributions to Capital (According to BDL circular no. 532) BLOM Bank S.A.L. (Bank) is pleased to inform its Shareholders that the Extraordinary General Assembly held on January 14th, 2020 at the Bank’s Headquarters approved the terms and conditions of the first increase of the Bank’s Tier

Banque BEMO resumes lending to its clients

Beirut, January  13th 2020: Since the beginning of the economic crisis in Lebanon, Banque BEMO has stayed besides its clients, trying to find the adequate solutions while reducing its global exposure. As the crisis is getting more mature, Banque BEMO has decided to grant loans again. This action comes in line with the Bank’s duties,