Bassma Share a Meal with a Family

Happiness is only real when shared!

A call to all families, parents and children to come together for a family community service activity every Sunday and “Share a Meal” with underprivileged families at Bassma’s Smile Resto in Badaro, from 10am till 12pm.

All you have to do is:

1) Book the Sunday that is most convenient to you

2) Prepare a delicious meal

3) Come and share it with adults & children who are counting on your act of generosity and solidarity! You can also bring the dessert if you like.

Book your Sunday by sending us a whatsapp on 70-686105, and we will be happy to organize a beautiful lunch to share from you and your children to another family!

#ShareaMealwithBassma #DrawaSmilewithBassma


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