AROPE Insurance Announces Strategic Partnership with BoB Finance in collaboration with Beirut Brokers

Zalka – Lebanon, October 6th, 2016 – AROPE Insurance announced its strategic partnership with BoB Finance, in collaboration with Beirut Brokers, in the presence of Mr. Fateh Bekdache – Vice Chairman and General Manager of AROPE Insurance, Mr. Michael Abdelnoor – BoB Finance Managing Director and Mr. Pierre Talhami – Beirut Brokers General Manager, in addition to representatives from all 3 companies and the media.

In his speech, Mr. Bekdache stated that the objective of this collaboration is to expand AROPE insurance activity locally and boost availability of selected Insurance Solutions, in particular highly on-demand and compulsory policies, making the buying process easier and more convenient for Customers, thanks to BoB Finance wide network of more than 700 branches spread throughout the Lebanese territory, with certain points of sale opening on a 24/7 basis and others located in remote areas.

Furthermore, Bekdache listed the different insurance products currently available at BoB Finance:

  • Motor Third Party Compulsory Insurance covering bodily injuries caused to Third Parties as per the Ministry of Economy and Commerce terms and conditions.
  • Motor Third Party Liability Insurance covering material damages caused to Third Parties and including Towing Service and Road Assistance.
  • AROPE Assistance Abroad covering medical expenses due to emergencies and needed assistance while outside the country of residence.
  • Compulsory Expatriate Medical Insurance covering medical and repatriation expenses according to the Ministry of Labor terms and conditions.

This is in addition to a brief overview on AROPE’s Key Consolidated Financial Indicators for the first half of the year 2016 disclosing that AROPE has scored 65.7 million US Dollars of consolidated written premiums with consolidated Net Profits reaching 8.3 million US Dollars.

On the other hand, Mr. Pierre Talhami, General Manager of Beirut Brokers, revealed that a new over-the-counter Medical Insurance program will also be available beginning of 2017 characterized by a very reasonable price adequate to all social classes.

Mr. Abdelnoor highlighted the added-value of AROPE Insurance and BoB Finance partnership in diversifying their services on one hand, and the importance of this collaboration from the Customer perspective, on the other. He also shed the light on Bob Finance various services and operations with a brief on the company’s history and milestones.

Keen to constantly provide top-notch and speedy service to Customers, AROPE Insurance developed a special software as part of this project, to better assist BoB Finance agents with real-time issuance of insurance policies and to provide immediate coverage to insured.

On a final note, Mr. Bekdache wrapped up by stating that this collaboration is the fruit of AROPE’s continuous strive in providing the best and most innovative services in response to the Lebanese mart’s diverse requirements, making insurance easy, convenient, flexible, and more accessible.

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