Located in the heart of Beirut, LE BRISTOL Hotel owned by the Doumet family, was inaugurated in 1951 and has been recognized as one of Beirut’s first and most prestigious hotels.
The Hotel has always been an icon of luxury & high society in Lebanon and in the region, and has hosted some of the most distinguished foreign dignitaries and international celebrities including Prince Albert of Monaco, Princess Souraya of Iran, as well as the extraordinary Charles Lindberg, Dizzie Gillespie and the great poet Nizar Kabbani.
The Hotel was also an integral part of the Lebanese history and political life throughout the good and bad times. It welcomed guests from all political persuasions and hosted major political conferences and rallies.
After years of dedicated service in hosting important weddings, anniversaries and celebration dinners enjoyed by several generations of Lebanese families, the Doumet family opted for renovation.
The Hotel, which was closed as of June 2013 for renovation, was initially designed more than 60 years ago by famous French decorator Jean de Royere who mixed the romanticism of the Orient envisioning the modernism of the 21st Century.
Galal Mahmoud, the creative force behind GM Architects, was tasked with renovating the Hotel and projecting it for the next years with timeless elegance, authentic feel of vintage and luxury.
Having worked throughout the world in the design and renovation of numerous prestigious award winning hotel brands for the past 20 years, it only came naturally to pick the renowned architect who has the knowhow to endeavor this major renovation and at the same time is fully immersed in the hotel’s own history.
Galal Mahmoud’s background has always been closely linked to this location and the neighborhood. As a child, he used to accompany his father in the late 60’s, whose offices were next to Le Bristol, at the ground floor café – now called Les Gourmandises. He even stayed there at the beginning of the civil war in 1975.
The renovation challenge was to develop spaces, finishes, colors and patterns that reflect both the modernism of the 21st century, all while preserving in a subliminal way the sense of place that visitors of LE BRISTOL have encountered since its inauguration.
The legendary hotel will open its doors with 157 rooms including contemporary oriental one-of-a-kind presidential suite, and traditional ‘Le Bristol’ style rooms. The restoration will unveil the famous 19th century oriental lounge, which was refreshed and fully incorporated into the newly colorful and eclectic ‘Les Gourmandises’ restaurant. It will also unveil in the near future a gastronomic restaurant, a newly renovated swimming pool, gym, and rooftop terrace housing ‘La Salle Des Laques’ Venue.
In addition, ‘LE BRISTOL chez vous’ upholds its catering tradition that is ready to offer outstanding food, as well as personalized and refined service on its premises, at Villa Linda Sursock or at any location of the client’s choice.
LE BAL DE BEYROUTH for the Re-opening night
The doors of LE BRISTOL will reopen on the 16th of June 2015, hosting the first edition of LE BAL DE BEYROUTH which will take place on a yearly basis at LE BRISTOL Hotel. The event is organized by LUXURY LIMITED EDITION – Cynthia Sarkis Perros and will host an elite Lebanese guest list.
The highlight of the night will take place in the newly renovated The Golden Room with the Lebanese Conservatory Big Band performing live while accompanied by professional dancers.
LE BAL DE BEYROUTH is catered by ‘LE BRISTOL chez vous’ with an exquisite cocktail and a large selection of desserts at LES GOURMANDISES.
LE BRISTOL is approaching its 2015 reopening and is looking forward to receiving those who “come as a guest and leave as a member of the family”.
New Visual Identity
LE BRISTOL management was keen to assign Monsieurr Patrick Brossolet, the founder of the Parisian agency of design – IDEAS, to create the concept of the new logo complementing the Hotel value of Heritage & Modernity. The logo was finalized and executed by Scope Ateliers Lebanon