The Metaverse: Future of the Universe Experiencing the Exponential Metaverse with LG

Today, the world as we know it has changed. We have witnessed a global transformation. It comes without a doubt that new technologies are needed to cope with the ever-changing developments that are happening around us.

Luckily, a futuristic world of exponential possibilities ‘Metaverse’ came into being & revolutionized the whole wide world by including constant technological innovations such as 5G, AI, Augmented reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Extended Reality (XR) and more. The Metaverse, that made life limitless through its endless possibilities, is hugely expanding and is allowing people to do whatever they want virtually, including socializing with anyone whenever and wherever.

Consequently, companies and businesses are getting prepared for the digital future that is emerging by including virtual technologies into different unrelated fields, from economy and entertainment to education and fashion.

With that line of thinking in mind, LG is constantly creating ground-breaking devices and experiences, allowing people to discover the endless possibilities of metaverse on the Internet right now.

The Entertaining Experience

The global lockdown brought by the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a big number of entertainment events taking place online including movies, shows, sports, concerts and more. Thanks to the Metaverse, consumers are enjoying these events in different ways. For instance, the K-pop group Black Pink did a virtual event on the application Zepeto that attracted 46 million fans around the world. LG participated in this new era through offering smart technologies that help people escape reality from their own homes. Indeed, with the LG OLED TVs, people can follow all these events from the comfort of their homes while enjoying the most accurate colors and truest blacks.

The Gaming Experience

With avatars living and socializing online in Second Life and the Sims, gaming became way more interesting. Moreover, high-quality virtual worlds for gaming were built for many Apps such as Animal Crossing, Fortnite, Minecraft and Roblox among many others.

LG is closely following the gaming industry’s developments and latest trends, with the goal of offering to gamers the best possible experience. This is illustrated by the LG gram and the LG UltraGear that provide fast 144Hz refresh rates and lightning-fast 1 millisecond response rate. And it’s not all: To optimize the immersive gaming experience, LG’s devices are being updated to support Dolby Vision® HDR at 4K120Hz. Those devices include OLED TVs, QNED TVs, Mini LED Tvs and NanoCell TVs.

The Economy

The economy was also transformed by the Metaverse through the cryptocurrency which changed the everyday life of people around the globe. The expansion and booming of cryptocurrency paved the way for the creation of a market for the non-fungible tokens which are digital assets that help artists and photographers monetize their work.

Taking into consideration these developments, LG is providing the best displays for artists  and cryptocurrency investors so that they can optimize their experience. Indeed, LG gram and LG gram 2-1 are the most suitable laptops for this kind of work as they are Intel® EvoTM Platform verified, powered by an 11th Gen Intel® CoreTM processor with Iris® Xe Graphics and speedy LPDDR4x memory. In addition, some models feature 80Wh high-density batteries allowing longer usage between charges; and thus, letting artists work whenever creativity strikes. Moreover, LG UltraWide monitors are the perfect choice for cryptocurrency investors as every chart and graph can be displayed, allowing investors to make split-second investment decisions.                                                        

Our everyday life in the Metaverse

Real-life events such as graduation ceremonies and fashion promotions are happening in computer-generated spaces as well. Some fashion brands are even selling digital goods in these spaces; for instance, Gucci already sold 4.5 million items through Roblox.

Simulated office spaces are also growing as more companies go remote and recreate offices in VR. In addition, Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) humans are being used more than ever in real-life events and are showing how extended reality (XR) became an important part of our daily digital life, going beyond voice recognition-based Al systems, making human-Al interactions more personal. This motivated LG to enlist the help of Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) influencer Reah Keem to be a presenter at CES 2021, the most influential tech event.

The Shopping Experience

Simulated showrooms are on the rise globally and many companies will continue merging virtual spaces with the real world once the pandemic slows down.                                                                                                          LG showcased its Signature Kitchen Suite and its STUDIO in an entirely virtual world at KBIS 2021. The LG Kitchen space could be experienced as if visitors were physically present since it was built on a state-of-the-art gaming platform. Moreover, LG partnered with Animal Crossing: New Horizons to display its 2021 OLED TV lineup to young people. OLED ISLAND allowed users to experience a cyber lifestyle         and learn about the product’s features through special OLED zones. LG’s virtual showrooms are becoming more and more widespread and reached Kenya where the first-of-its-kind digital space for LG in Africa was initiated. This space is a futuristic LG e-Showroom providing a safe place for consumers to learn about its products before purchase.

The Virtual World – Today and Tomorrow

The merging of the cyber and the physical worlds is transforming people’s daily lives in so many ways. For instance, it is changing the way LG works with advanced tools such as VR and augmented reality (AR). Thanks to VR, LG’s designers are creating computer-generated spaces based on real-life environments to assess the product’s ability to harmonize with a range of different interior styles It is expected that in the future, people will be working in metaverse offices while doing everything virtually; they will be taking classes, visiting shopping malls, attending events and socializing with others without realizing that they are still in their living rooms as the feeling of immersion will be so strong. This will be possible with the arrival of innovative technologies such as AR glasses, 8K VR headsets and full body haptic suits.

In conclusion, LG is keeping a close eye on the rapid developments that the world is witnessing in order to stay up to date and to create new cyber technologies that serve everyone. In the meantime, LG’s various technologies available today, allow you to have a wonderful experience while exploring new items from the comfort of your home.

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