Emirates Graphic is a leading Dubai-based agency specialized in web design services, mobile application development, and digital marketing.

Emirates Graphic was founded in 2012, by Sacha Christe, a young Swiss-born entrepreneur aged 16 at the time, who made the decision to create a website for one of this first business ventures. Extremely dissatisfied with the offerings of most web-design firms, he opens his own digital agency that aims to be original, innovative, and consumer-friendly.

“Most of the agencies we approached simply weren’t creative enough, and communication was always complicated – Additionally, I felt that being a young entrepreneur my business project was not being taken seriously, and that as a client, I was just another number to them. I believed I could do the job better myself, so I did just that.” – Sacha Christe, Founder and CEO of Emirates Graphic.

With the first core team assembled in Geneva, Switzerland, the company manages mainly web design work for local firms. Following the success of the team’s web design service, the company expands, and adds web development to its service offerings.

In 2015, founder and CEO Sacha Christie makes the executive decision to relocate the company to Dubai, seeking new opportunities for more innovative projects in a fast-paced & ever-changing environment. The resolution came after “we grew tired of the narrow-minded mentality of older generation businessmen & collaborators, which limited our ability to work in a world where being young was immediately associated with being unprofessional and/or inexperienced. I wanted to be in place like Dubai, filled with limitless opportunities, and where age doesn’t make a difference as long as you keep your promises and deliver qualitative work to your clients,” says Sacha.

A year later, following high demand, Emirates Graphic starts providing digital marketing services and the company officially opens their first offices in Dubai, in Jumeirah Lake Towers. Emirates Graphic grows at a significant pace and quickly establishes itself locally within the industry, and amongst its competitors. With a youthful and innovative team, Emirates Graphic develops an impressive portfolio of influential clients, ranging from retail brands to cryptocurrency companies & private hedge funds – and becomes a regional leader in the digital marketing field, recognized for their successful & innovative projects launched across the GCC markets. In March 2019, Emirates Graphic opens their first offices in KSA, in Riyadh. 

“The past few years have been incredible for Emirates Graphic. In 2019, we are looking forward to furthering our success – we are excited to expand to other GCC countries, to grow as an agency, to develop our client portfolio, and to continue delivering successful products we will always be proud of.” – Sacha Christe.