There is a long love story between Beirut and design. Jean Royère (1902-1981) understood this notion well. He opened his workshop after World War II and took his creations across the region, decorating public places (i.e. Saint Georges Hotel) and private spaces. As a mark of his passage through Lebanon and besides his creations, Royère left his well-known vitality and commitment; these are two characteristics that we can find nowadays in young Lebanese designers. These local talents remain true to this line of conduct, developing creations which are functional

while keeping in mind the importance of high-quality execution.


In addition, interior architects in the region have reached out to Lebanese designers in order to revamp the residences that they were in charge of.  Initially, they focused on the re-interpretation of the traditional decorative elements and the local craftsmanship expertise. Then, they succeeded in opening doors to an international career. Customized production, deeply rooted in tradition, has led to the emergence of Lebanese design, which is today acclaimed by international collectors.


The new generation of contemporary designers developed a very different and creative approach. They have the will to work on new materials and explore new forms. They are no longer concerned with the process of re-interpretation and they are able to take the appropriate distance in order to create beyond it.


These new designers are bursting with talent and they want to surprise, confuse, and, above all, give the best of themselves.  They comprehend the concept of economy of means and they are able to engage in an extraordinary coordination with local artisans.  As a result, these artisans are able to maintain traditional skills that could have disappeared if it wasn’t for the presence of the young creators. It is indeed an amazing opportunity for Lebanon!


As in the past editions, one of the objectives of BEIRUT ART FAIR is to support Lebanese creations in the field of design. It is within this context that Laure d’Hauteville and Pascal Odille initiated, in 2013, a specific platform highlighting new Lebanese designers.


This project is supported by the BLC Bank who has been investing, for several years, in Lebanon’s artistic and cultural development.

« It is through the cultural standards of a country particularly that we are able to appreciate its development. I believe that the Lebanese culture is beyond appreciable. This can also be observed in its young generation, its creativity level, and its ability to develop into the future. In fact, these are the reasons why we support the young designers », states Maurice Sehnaoui, BLC Bank Chairman General Manager.


The « discovery » of this platform brings together design works created in limited series and selected by a jury of experts who are invited to share their favorite creations.

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