Live Love Recycle

Dear LiveLoveRecyclers ,

We need your help to take us to another level…

We are among the top #6 finalists of the GreenTech Festival and need your vote for the final step :

1.Click on VOTE NOW

2.Select LIVE LOVE RECYCLE ( In the start-up section )

3.Scroll down to “SUBMIT NOW”

4.Fill all your information

5.You will receive an e-mail (check your spam) AND CONFIRM YOUR VOTE BY CLICKING ON THE LINK.

WE CAN VOTE ON YOUR BEHALF JUST SEND US YOUR EMAILS WITH THE WORD “VOTE” TO [email protected]; and you will receive an email with a link to confirm your vote ( check your spam )

Thank for using our service and keep our country clean. SHARE as much as you can♻

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