Creditbank Unveils New Corporate Identity

Creditbank launched a nationwide media campaign to highlight its brand new corporate identity and logo. The campaign was being diffused in both English and Arabic by all of Lebanon’s broadcasting companies, while a series of ads was run by the country’s leading monthly and daily publications.

Billboards and posters across Lebanon furthermore relayed the bank’s main slogan: “People you can bank on.” The brand promise accentuates Creditbank’s emphasis as an institution made up of individuals and people – trustworthy and reliable people.

Over the years, Creditbank experienced marked growth, evolution and success, which ultimately produced a gap between the image perceived by clients who had experienced the bank’s services, and by potential clients, who had not yet interacted with it. Hence, there was a need to communicate Creditbank’s “true colors” in a better way.

Two characteristics sum up the bank’s unique DNA: firstly, the ability to understand people’s ever changing needs in an ever changing and more complex environment and, secondly, the will to act in a manner that is both personal and professional in order to establish a long-term partnership.

These are the two pillars upon which Creditbank has been built and which are reflected in the bank’s new logo.

The fluid, circular icon is reminiscent of the infinity symbol with its connotations of change, strength and longevity. As such the bank’s new visual identity embodies also the notions of tradition and modernity. While the color green, offers a warm, personal and friendly touch, the dark blue background stands for power and solidity.

Starting with a first generation branch at Sodeco Creditbank’s new identity is further reinforced by the gradual implementation of a best practice design of a new type of branches that are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology to further optimize the quality of our services and offer our clients an efficient and pleasant banking experience.creditba

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