EMERGENCY ROOM’s boutique opens in Beirut

Beirut, June 19th, 2019, a year after the launch of the brand and to answer a growing need to establish a presence through a physical space. Emergency Room will be opening up a boutique in the heart of Beirut’s growing neighborhood of Mar Mikhael.

A boutique that everyone will be able to access and where people will discover weekly renewed collections of unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, touch them, try them on and make them their own.

Launched by Eric Mathieu Ritter in 2018 in Beirut after a coming-to-senses of the both urgent and emergent state of fashion nowadays, Emergency Room is a clothing brand with a mind of its own.

Stemming from the belief that fashion production processes urgently need to change, Emergency Room utilizes a sustainable and ethical alternative to clothing creation.

Emergency Room uses unique vintage materials and dead-stock fabrics that are locally sourced to create one-of-a-kind pieces, providing a conscious and authentic ready-to-wear-line.

All items are produced in different workshops and cooperatives throughout Lebanon, inviting differently skilled artisans to participate in the process, all the while lobbying for grass roots change in the industry, in its own way.

The Summer 2019 collection borrows vocabulary from the realm of interior decoration and its intricate world, featuring aspects of vintage curtains, upholstery and decorative trims.

With a wide use of bright colors such as lime green, hot pink or purple, the collection references an eclectic mix of inspirations such as Far-Eastern kimonos, European trench coats, Spanish matador jackets, elements of BDSM culture and classical couture techniques.

As eclectic as the inspirations, the editorial, styled by Gabriela Kassab and shot by Aly Saab is an all-inclusive extravaganza portraying a wide cast of models painted by Lilia Laurel, each individually representing a very specific yet very relatable social group of people who all together, inevitably depict Beirut as it is; a mix of cultures merging together, mostly at night, and mostly on the street, to tell their stories.