TAMM launches second phase of “Abu Dhabi Pay” platform as part of continued effort to provide seamless and secure digital creative payment methods and tools for all government services in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 16 September 2020: The Abu Dhabi Government Services ecosystem, “TAMM” has
today launched the second phase of its innovative digital payment platform “Abu Dhabi Pay” as part
of Abu Dhabi Digital Authority’s (ADDA) ongoing digital solutions for the capital.
The second phase of “Abu Dhabi Pay”, will enable residents and citizens to use ‘payit’, the UAE’s first
fully featured digital wallet application when completing digital governmental services and
transactions through the integrated Abu Dhabi government services platform – TAMM.
As part of a partnership between The Abu Dhabi Government Services ecosystem, “TAMM ” and
First Abu Dhabi Bank, ‘payit’ will allow members of the society who have a valid Emirates ID,
regardless of who they bank with, conduct easy and simple digital payments for any governmental
services through their smartphones.
Since its launch in 2018, ‘payit’, which is available on the Apple App store and Google Play Store, has
become a popular choice for conducting transactions with more than 180,000 people across the
country using the service to dine, shop and pay as well as sending money to anyone. It is also the
fastest growing wallet service, attracting over 500 new users every day.
Helping to eliminate the needs for cash and to instigate change in payment methods in the UAE, the
functionality of ‘payit’ is also in line with the Abu Dhabi Government’s ambition to advance digital
The second phase of “Abu Dhabi Pay”, represents the ongoing effort towards accelerating the pace
and impact of digital transformation, ensuring solutions and services for Abu Dhabi residents and
business communities are secure, convenient, simple and unified.
The launch of the second phase of “Abu Dhabi Pay” also comes under the supervision of The Higher
Committee of the Digital Government and is aligned with its efforts in activating a digital
transformation governance framework in Abu Dhabi, providing new concepts of government
services and moving towards a digital future.
H.E. Engineer Mohamed Al Askar, Director-General of Abu Dhabi Digital Authority, said: “The second
phase of ‘Abu Dhabi Pay’ is another milestone moment for us and a significant step forward to
achieving our main goal which is to ensure all governmental services and transactions can be
completed digitally through continuous co-operation and co-ordination with government agencies.

“By implementing modern digital technologies and solutions, ‘Abu Dhabi Pay’ will be easy and
simple to use, providing more convenience for everyone in Abu Dhabi.”
André Sayegh, CEO of First Abu Dhabi Bank Group, said: “To enhance the efforts of our wise
leadership in developing the latest technologies that will help support the government and benefit
the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, First Abu Dhabi Bank is supporting Abu Dhabi Government’s efforts to
operate digital payment systems that will enable all governmental payments and services to be
completed through a single platform.”
He added: “This is why First Abu Dhabi Bank is delighted to introduce its ‘payit’ digital wallet as part
of ‘Abu Dhabi Pay’, which is aligned with the best international practices and standards. At a time
where there is a growing focus on digital payments, we believe ‘Abu Dhabi Pay’ will contribute
significantly to improving the digital experience across Abu Dhabi and enhance the customer
Since the launch of “Abu Dhabi Pay”, users have been able to benefit from multiple safe payment
options, one-time payments for multi-party services and unified customer experiences on all
government channels.
In the second phase, users will also now be able to register using a unified access and verification
system for greater security.
With the aim to achieve a fully digital transformation for all governmental services, the “Abu Dhabi
Pay” application will facilitate payment methods for a vast array of government entities, NGOs and
educational institutions.
“Abu Dhabi Pay”, which is launched through TAMM, the Abu Dhabi government services ecosystem,
is the latest unified digital payment platform for all government services in the emirate. The
platform provides secure and standardised methods of digital payments for all government services
across different channels, which can be completed anywhere and at anytime.
By providing more convenience to consumers, it aligns with Abu Dhabi Government’s vision to
improve the quality of life for all members of society and enhance customer experiences.
The “Abu Dhabi Pay” platform offers many other features such as payment processing, reconciliation
and settlement, reports and audit, and one payment for several settlements. Payment channels
include portals, mobile apps, POS, and cash deposit machines where payment methods include
digital debit cards, digital-wallets and cash.

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