Interview with Mr. Youssef Arida, Founder of APARTE and ODGAMM the luxury real estate agency in Paris

What is APARTE?

Aparte Real Estate is a company established in Paris, specialized in finding real estate on behalf of the clients.

In fact APARTE intervenes as agent of the buyer.

What distinguishes APARTE from the other traditional real estate agencies?

In France, the majority of the agencies propose only the properties they have in their portfolio.

Before finding his dream property, the buyer should contact different agencies and have many deal discussions before selecting the wanted property. This takes a lot of energy and time.

With APARTE, we exclusively represent the buyer and we intervene on his behalf after having compiled a specifications sheet for his research.

We do a prospecting job on all the offers, we have strong relations with institutional and private individuals… In addition, we have access to all the present offers and the ones off-market.

We also visit the property ourselves and prepare reports containing photos and videos for the client to select properly his dream property.

Are people getting more interested in home hunting concept?

Yes, people are using more and more this service and they are happy for its existence. Most of our new clients come from abroad upon recommendation.

What are the benefits of home hunting?

Saving time, large selection, buying safely because the client is accompanied by a real estate professional, fully engaged to help him.

To give you an idea about the difficulty of the market, for each 5 visited properties, we select 1 for the client.

It happens also to advise against the purchase of some properties because we proceed with our work objectively.

We also negotiate the offers of our client due to our knowledge and experience in this market.

Who is your target audience?

Our target audiences are all the individuals and companies who don’t have the time or the patience to visit and do the research. We have in our portfolio a number of liberal professions and expatriates.

Some clients require confidentiality also; this is why we intervene on their behalf.

Where do you see the future of this service specifically and the real estate agencies in general?

The new technologies bring comfort to the buyer due to the image reporting, the fast information sharing with the internet facilitates the dissemination of goods, the visits using the virtual reality technology are available and it will be perfected with time…

However, nothing can replace the perception of the human eye and especially the feel the client gets when visiting the property.

Because we love our job and our clients, we try to share these emotions by adding a personal touch, which is our presence on ground and especially our constant listening to them.