CMA CGM reiterates its commitment to the development of the Lebanese ports, and sets a new record with the CMA CGM CONGO calling Tripoli

  • The CMA CGM CONGO (9,448 TEUs) becomes the largest vessel to ever call the port of Tripoli
  • CMA CGM operates 12 weekly calls to Beirut and Tripoli, linking Lebanon to the rest of the world

The CMA CGM Group, a worldwide leading shipping Group, is pleased to announce that the CMA CGM CONGO (9,448 TEUs) has become the largest vessel to have ever called the port of Tripoli. The arrival of the CMA CGM CONGO in Tripoli demonstrates the commitment of the CMA CGM Group towards the development of the economic activity in Northern Lebanon. Alongside its services to Beirut, CMA CGM is determined to contribute to the development of the Lebanese ports.

CMA CGM is a strong partner of the development of the Lebanese ports

Just as it facilitates the development of the port of Tripoli, the CMA CGM Group reaffirms its support to all national ports, particularly the port of Beirut through a historical strategic partnership which plays a vital role in Lebanon’s trade and the national economy.

In Beirut, the Group offers 9 weekly calls from and to Asia, North Europe, North Africa, the Arab Gulf, the Red Sea, the Black Sea, the Adriatic and the Mediterranean resulting in 30% of the total number of container vessels activity and 23% of the total traffic at the port of Beirut.

In the Beqaa valley, the dry port represents a key initiative to accelerate the development of agriculture in the country.

With 12 weekly calls to the ports of Beirut and Tripoli, CMA CGM is one of the main shipping and logistics Groups in Lebanon, offering end-to-end solutions and different services connecting the country to the rest of the world.