The all-new Huawei WATCH GT 2 explores the limits of smart watches

Huawei has been amazing us for a while now with endless device launches, offering us every single time innovative and extraordinary new features. Globally known for being among the leaders in the smartphone industry, the Chinese tech giant never seizes to surprise us, affirming repeatedly its position in the wearable industry as well. Indeed, the Huawei Watch GT, a lifestyle-focused watch with an impressive battery life was launched nearly a year ago and now, once again, Huawei is offering consumers exciting new upgrades with the launch of its successor: The Huawei WATCH GT2.

Offered in eight different versions, each available in “Sport” and “Classic”, the Huawei WATCH GT 2 has been recognized globally as being an all-purpose watch, combining advanced technology with a stylish and sophisticated design.

The Huawei Watch GT 2 sets new standards in wearable devices for run-time, performance and durability: Being the first smartwatch to be powered by Huawei’s in-house designed Kirin A1 chipset and combined with intelligent power saving technology, the revolutionary WATCH GT 2 promises powerful performance, with a unique capacity of lasting up to two whole weeks with one full charge.

Additionally, the watch provides users with a huge amount of tracking capabilities including a remarkable heart rate monitoring technology, advanced work-out features, upgraded fitness tracker, proactive health management with sleep, stress and heart rate monitoring. On top of these several upgrades, the Huawei Watch GT 2 has been optimized with improved Bluetooth connection and call functionality, allowing users to answer their calls via Bluetooth. Also, the watch allows users to enjoy an all-new music experience with a super high-capacity internal storage space, as well as the ability to pair Bluetooth headphones.

And it’s far from being all: With its minimalistic aesthetic design that integrates a high-quality 3D and creates a bezel-less vision, the Huawei WATCH GT 2 appeals to people who look for convenience and functionality but also have a special eye for trends and style.

We know that your mind is going crazy with millions of unanswered questions… The most important one being: Should we expect this iconic watch in the Lebanese market? And if yes – anytime soon? We don’t know about you, but we’re burning with excitement!


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