Sustaining the Environment with LG “It’s not an investment if it’s destroying the planet.”

Today, our beautiful planet is being destroyed more than ever; from pollution to deforestation and global warming, the environment is facing major unprecedented risks that can be fatal. Unfortunately, both consumers and big corporations are participating in this catastrophe by consuming huge amounts of energy while wasting natural resources – It is thus crucial to prioritize sustainability and focus on how our everyday actions impact the only thing we all have in common: The Planet Earth.

In line with that way of thinking combined with its commitment to serve our planet and the people with the utmost care, LG aims to protect the environment against deforestation and pollution through various energy saving measures while carrying out environmental initiatives for change and constantly offering environmentally friendly technologies. Simultaneously, LG continuously helps societies by promoting diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity. Indeed, LG has a reputable CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program and uses the ESG framework (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance).

LG’s Environmental Initiatives for Change

With Earth Day being in April & World Environment Day in June, there is no better time to raise awareness about the initiatives carried out by LG to promote sustainability through large-scale operations and through meaningful collaborations. Indeed, LG partnered with Net-A-Porter, the leading online fashion retailer, in order to launch a capsule collection as part of the NET SUSTAIN platform designed to help consumers live in a more sustainable way and reduce fashion waste. LG is not only working on daily basis to protect the environment but is putting plans in place for the next decade, taking into consideration the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set by the United Nations. In fact, through its Zero Carbon 2030 initiative, LG is planning to achieve net-zero carbon emissions from its operations around the globe in the next nine years.

LG’s Green Technologies

The revolutionary DUAL Inverter Compressor included in each air conditioner is responsible for cooling rooms in a very fast way while reducing electricity usage by 70%. Additionally, the DUAL Inverter Heat Pump, feature of the LG dryers and water heaters, has an outstanding energy efficiency rating of A+++-10 percent and goes easy on clothes so that they last longer. Moreover, LG Styler uses the Inverter Heat Pump to recycle heat from damp air inside the cabinet.                                                                                                                                                        Last but not least, The Al Direct Drive motor, included in LG washing machines, helps in the protection of the environment by decreasing clothing damage by 18% which reduces landfill waste.    

To top it off, the LG ThinQ application provides users with useful information on the ways they can save energy and therefore play a role in protecting the environment. Additionally, this app offers a “Vacation Mode” feature to minimize energy use in the home when people are away as well as another feature known as “Active Save” which tracks refrigerators and switches power modes depending on usage.

LG’s CORE Technologies highlight the brand’s promise to protect the planet as it tries as much as possible to use clean renewable energy through its various eco-friendly technologies.  

Equality, Inclusivity and Diversity

Today, it is not just our environment that is hurting but also millions of people who are facing all forms of discrimination and unequal opportunities. LG is fighting hard against all kinds of discrimination by making its products accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities as well as the people who lack the opportunities and educational support to reach their creative potential. Examples include adding audio instructions to cleaning solutions for the visually impaired and funding a library and toilet blocks for the Machakos School for the Deaf in Kenya. In addition, LG organized a summer work experience program to young teens from the UK who lacked opportunities and support.

It is evident that investing in the planet remains one of LG’s main objectives as they are taking all the necessary steps to promote environmental sustainability, equality, inclusivity and diversity.


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