LG LEVANT HOSTS LG SOLAR TECHNICAL SEMINAR Industry Expert Mr. Phil Lee Discusses the Solar Energy Business and LG Solar

February, 2020 – LG Levant hosted a Solar technical seminar at the Hilton Hotel in Beirut, whereby it invited Mr. Phil Lee, Senior Manager at LG Solar Asia, Middle East & Africa. Mr. Lee, who has over 30 years of experience at LG, discussed the solar energy industry as well as LG Solar solutions for the region, while detailing LG Solar benefits for businesses & households. The objectives of the seminar were to provide information to LG business partners in Lebanon and tackle their questions surrounding solar energy systems.

Awareness on sustainable energy and living has been increasing globally, with the demand for solar systems rising year-on-year, with an expected growth of 20% in 2020. Indeed, solar panels do not create waste or emissions, and the energy they produce is clean and renewable. According to German-based think tank “Agora Energiewende”, the declining cost of solar will make it the cheapest source of electricity in just 10 years’ time. As Mr. Phil Lee clearly stated: “Solar systems have sustainable benefits for both customers and the environment. These benefits are tangible both on short and long terms. Indeed, on the short term, solar energy usage directly reflects on cost saving in electricity bills while on the long term, solar energy will create and improve sustainable environment by reducing C02 emissions, promoting clean and renewable energy, and a better air quality”.

LG Solar is currently one of the leading solar manufacturers, with a diversified and solid portfolio of solar solutions, through which LG provides a state-of-the-art and highly efficient solar panels. LG’s long-lasting, energy-efficient and sustainable solar panels have provided businesses and households with higher financial and environmental benefits than traditional alternatives.

During LG Solar seminar, Mr. Phil Lee introduced participants to LG’s new solar module:  LG NeON® R and NeON® 2.

LG NeON® R is a 60-cell panel module that is equipped with the most advanced energy generation technology. It has features such as high-power output, high durability, aesthetic roof design and improved temperature coefficient. The newest LG NeON® R panel models reach 390W (22.6% efficiency), features a guaranteed 90.8% performance after 25 years, and they are among the most space-efficient solar panels in the market.

As for NeON® 2, it is recognized as the best-selling LG solar module, it adopts Cello technology, which replaces three busbars with 12 thin wires to enhance power output and reliability. It reaches 420W (20.3% efficiency) and features a guaranteed 90.1% performance after 25 years. Also, it stands out for its durability, performance under real environmental conditions, and a design suitable for roofs.

Mr. Junhwa Jeong, LG Lebanon branch Country Manager states: “We, at LG, are committed to the sustainability of the environment, ensuring that every step we take is a step closer to transforming our society towards a sustainable and resilient one. Therefore, it comes without a doubt that it’s our duty to raise awareness about the solar benefits, especially in developing countries such as Lebanon.”


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