Infographic: Breakthrough in hydrogen technology. Demand for hydrogen stocks increases tenfold

  • Ten times as many Google searches for “hydrogen stocks” as a year ago
  • In 2020 alone, the search volume doubled
  • 78% more hydrogen stations in Germany than in 2019
  • Study: 73 % of cars could be hydrogen-powered by 2050
  • The market value of hydrogen companies rose by up to 83% in 2020

The infographic from shows a fundamental change in hydrogen technology: the search volume on Google for hydrogen and hydrogen shares is increasing explosively, and there are already 78% more hydrogen stations in Germany than in 2019. This development will be flanked by scientists who anticipate that hydrogen vehicles can take up to 50% of the market share.

The relative search volume on Google for the term “hydrogen shares” increased tenfold within a year. In 2020 alone, demand increased by 134%. This is the result of a survey by based on data from Google Trends. Further results confirm the upward trend in hydrogen technology.

In 2017, 56 German gas stations introduced the opportunity to refuel hydrogen vehicles. Two years later, there were 60 gas stations. In this realm, there has recently been a sharp increase, as shown on the infographic. There are now 107 hydrogen stations in the Federal Republic of Germany, so the number has increased by around 78% since last year. But this may be just the beginning: by 2050, the proportion of hydrogen cars could be 73%, according to a study.

The growth of hydrogen technology is also visible on the trading floor. As a result, the share prices of hydrogen companies rose by up to 83% at the beginning of the year. “There is no doubt that hydrogen technology has great potential, especially in the automotive sector,” said Kryptoszene analyst Raphael Lulay. “The corporations should, therefore, conduct open-ended research and not make the mistake of focusing solely on battery-powered electro mobiles after a phase of the one-sided focus on combustion engines”.

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