Converting more people into Stand-Up Paddle lovers- a growing trend

August 24th 2019

Since 2012 the Lebanon Water Festival has been holding Stand Up Paddle races in Lebanon and converting more and more sport lovers into Stand-up Paddle addicts. This year again the SUP Race in Colonel Reef Batroun on the 24th of August, attracted +40% new participants.   Ziad Yazbeck registered the fastest recorded 4K race in 28 minutes and 1 second, and 3 women went up against men in the 4K race. A young 12-year-old Thomas Khoury also took part in the 2 K Men race, and took 7th position, stroking intensely through the whole course. The race was organized by LEBWF in collaboration with Jamil Haddad owner of the Colonel Reef Batroun and Colonel Beer. The 2K and 4k course was elaborated by LEBWF and implemented by Jules De Campagneules, coach and trainer of Colonel Reef.

Both 2K and 4 K races took the departure at the same time, giving more challenges to the overall race. Very rapidly Ziad Yazbeck, took the lead of the pack followed by Nicolas Daou and very close behind Caroline Raphael and Nabil Ghosn, respectively in that order. Yet Nicolas Ghosn took over Caroline on the last leg of the race and gained 3rd position,11 seconds ahead of Caroline. Two other ladies Daisy Ghalbouny and Takla Assal persevered till the end of the race.

4K race podium:

1st place Ziad Yazbeck in 28’01’’

2nd place Nicolas Daou in 29’18’’

3rd place Nabil Ghosn in 31’33’’

In the 2k race, there were two categories, Men and Women travelling along side, Eli Faress was leading the pack and finished in 16 minutes and 45 seconds, followed by Marwan Hitti, advocate racer since 2013,Tania Kisserli, first in the women category with a score of 18 minutes 55 seconds, then Ziad Yachoui. The four leading participants tackled the race with determination and constant strokes.

2K Men podium:

1st place Eli Faress 16’45’’

2nd place Marwan Hitti 16’57’’

3rd place Zaid Yachoui 19’48’’

2K Women podium:

1st place Tania Kisserli 18’55’’

2nd place Sabine Jabbour 23’

This race gives a good perspective for the next race coming up on the 28th of September where the distances will be 2k, 5K, 10K. Once again, the Stand-up paddle event attracted a large crowd cheering and clapping from Colonel Reef, especially as the course lay out enabled everyone to see the whole race. After the exertion Colonel Reef was the perfect location to enjoy a festive evening. The staff helped create a positive and joyful atmosphere adding to the whole event.

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