World-leading sustainability prize to Colombian youth organisation for fighting corruption

This year, the world-leading sustainability award WIN WIN puts the spotlight on corruption and its severe threats against a sustainable future. Through its youth award, attention is drawn to initiatives by people of ages 13 to 29, who fight corruption and abuse of power with commitment and courage. Out of 220 nominees from 52 countries, the jury has now picked the Colombian youth organisation RedUva as the winner of WIN WIN Youth Award 2021.

This year’s theme for the international sustainability award WIN WIN is anti-corruption, an essential building block in the work for a more sustainable world. Amongst five shortlisted finalists, the jury have selected the Colombian organisation Red Universitaria Anti-corrupción as the 2021 winner of the prestigious WIN WIN Youth Award. The RedUva network was founded by Colombian university students to fight the widespread corruption in Colombia and is now awarded the prize of SEK 50,000.

– RedUva shows the importance of working against corruption, both reactive and preventive. Their innovative way of promoting a culture based on justice, transparency, and inclusion through multidisciplinary education and information strategies has sparked great commitment in Colombia while also spreading inspiration to youth outside the country’s borders. We are very proud to present RedUva as this year’s winner of the WIN WIN Youth Award, says Ahmed Al-Qassam, Chair member of the WIN WIN Youth Award jury.

In its motivation, the jury also emphasises RedUva’s ability to mobilise and empower youth in public policy. To Daniela León, President of RedUva, the award is a welcome confirmation of the importance of young voices:

– We believe that young people are a fundamental part of the work for a prosperous, fair, and sustainable future. Knowing that there are other people and organisations in the world who recognise this and believe in the importance of our participation fills us with motivation and pride.

Daniela León continues:

– Colombia is a country so permeated by corruption but it is also full of young people who want to change that. Our biggest motivation is to contribute to the construction of a country where we want to live and not leave. The recognition of receiving the WIN WIN Youth Award is a great honour and shows younger generations that it is worth taking action.

WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award, based in Sweden, has been a leading international sustainability award for more than 20 years, but has since 2020 also awarded organisations and individuals of ages 13 to 29 globally through WIN WIN Youth Award. Among 220 nominations received from 52 countries, the jury picked RedUva as this year’s winner with the following motivation:

”Corruption hurts everyone. Not only does it have a negative effect on economic development and the distribution of resources across the globe, but also drives poverty and hinders effective climate action. Therefore, combating corruption is one of the most important measures to create a sustainable society, now and in the future. By making corruption from the governing elite visible and at the same time educating the population in principles and values to create a culture around transparency, the youth-led Colombian organisation RedUva proves that by mobilising youth, students can create structural change while challenging injustice. With innovative methods and an inspirational young leadership that engages children and young adults in Colombia and beyond, RedUva are honoured with the WIN WIN Youth Award 2021.”