Theana Tower: A New Workplace Embracing Luxury and Sophistication

Beirut, 11 September 2018: In the presence of Their Excellencies Minister of Tourism Owadis Kidanian and Minister of Information Melhem Riachi, PCD Company (Paul Chedid Development), owned by the president of Mtaileb Municipal Council Paul Chedid, held a ceremony to launch its new under-construction project in Antelias area, Theana Tower. Hosted by Mona Saliba, the event took place at the Spine restaurant in the remarkable presence of media, influencers, politicians, municipalities, engineers and businessmen. The attendees had enjoyed international contortion performances and celebrated the announcement of Theana Tower project coinciding with the Company’s 10th anniversary.

During the ceremony, Their Excellencies Minister of Tourism Owadis Kidanian and Minister of Information Melhem Riachi had both delivered speeches. They had stressed the importance of launching similar projects that encourage the Lebanese to invest in their country and that lead to prosperity at all levels.

Paul Chedid, Chairman of PCD, had explained that the Company, in its tenth anniversary, decided to expand and enter the world of commercial projects, confirming the decision of staying and investing in Lebanon despite all circumstances. “Our decision is clear. We will stay and invest in Lebanon. Our homeland has given us more than what we provided. It’s our turn to give in return and to build a better country for our children”, he said.

He added: “We will build Theana Tower in the heart of Antelias to reach the heart of every Lebanese”, calling on Lebanese investors to “build their projects in the different Lebanese regions and contribute to a balanced development.” He continued: “This is what we’re trying to do in Mtaileb, Antelias, Dbayeh, Rabieh, Biyyadah and other regions, in order to contribute to their construction and development.”

Theana Tower comprises 26 offices over 15 floors, with surfaces ranging from 80 to 305 square meters, in addition to a 130-square meter surface of private offices over 3 floors and 210-square meter private offices over 5 floors as well as a 450-square meter showroom.

Theana Tower will be built in a modern earthquake-resistant design, adopting the international standards of designing and equipping modern commercial buildings.

The project also facilitates the mobility of people with special needs and offers amazing natural landscapes and sea views.

Theana Tower has underground parking, surveillance cameras, advanced fire safety and fire fighting systems, emergency lamps as well as generators and other safety and protection equipment.

Construction starts in fall 2018, while delivery starts in thirty months.

About PCD

PCD has been redefining luxury lifestyle in Lebanon since 2008 and quickly became one of the leading companies in high-end residential buildings. In each residential project, PCD has raised the bar in terms of futuristic design and meticulous planning.