In Beirut, the Member of the European Parliament Philippe Juvin suggests another solution in the next European elections

As part of his visit to Lebanon on the theme of Francophonie, Philippe Juvin, MEP and Mayor of Garenne-Colombes met, as he does on each of his visits to Lebanon, the dynamic section The Republicans chaired by Lucas Lamah, last Saturday, March 9 at the RadissonBlu Hotel.

The public meeting which ended with a brunch, was attended by many activists and supporters who participated in the debate.

Philippe Juvin accompanied by Lucas Lamah, Michel Rouhban, member of the bureau, as well as Georges-Maxime Moussallem delegate youth, recalled the need, as in any healthy democracy, to mobilize on May 26, inviting all French from abroad not to fall into the tense trap of believing that there are only two possible options:

– Pro-Europeans, with the presidential majority, carrying an idea where Europe is totally integrated without any borders, with an opening plan to the Balkans- the second defended by the Eurosceptic “National Gathering”, advocating a renunciation of Europe by encouraging a “FREXIT”.

By making a parallelism with what the United Kingdom is going through, this second option would be a huge risk-taking for France, a founding member and main player in the European community. This danger is even more important, as France is also a member of the Euro zone (which was not the case in the United Kingdom). Philippe Juvin explained that there is a third way, that of the “Democratic Right”, “The Republicans”, supporters of a strong Europe but with respect for the identity and values of each nation. For the MEP, there is no alternative but to defend Europe and rather than abandon everything, we have to work from within by proposing reforms and creating a European identity with a better integration of the citizens. France and its 66 million French people can only be stronger with the other European countries and the 500 million European citizens.This meeting, that lasted more than two hours, ended in a series of questions and answers where topics such as: the Franco-German axis, the competitiveness of France in the European market, emigration and the integration with migratory movements, the future major European challenges, were tackled.The meeting ended in a friendly atmosphere.Lucas Lamah said that other meetings, in the context of these European elections, will be announced soon via social networks and on the new website of the Republicans – Lebanon: