Dent de Lait launches Lebanon’s first ‘eco-nursery’ in Beirut

22nd May 2017, Lebanon – At 3pm on 25th May in Beirut’s bustling Sodeco district, the acclaimed children’s nursery Dent de Lait officially opens the country’s first ever eco nursery, the Eco Children’s Centre. The Eco Children’s Centre brings issues of environmental awareness and sustainability in to Dent de Lait’s trademark ‘teach and play’ approach to junior education. The school motto is ‘Future Kids’ – children who grow up learning to be responsible for their own actions; tolerant and happy human beings who respect and protect our planet. The new Eco Children’s Centre is the second Dent de Lait nursery to open in Lebanon. The original was launched in 1997 by one of the country’s best-known female entrepreneurs, Lamice Joujou and her Mother, Hana Joujou. Asked on why she decided to create an ‘eco-nursery’, Lamice says that, ‘We all know that our natural environment and natural resources are under threat – not just climate change but irresponsible use of natural resources, the overuse of chemicals in the food we eat and the pollution of our streets, fields and seas.” Lamice believes that the Eco Children’s Centre, “…will help more children grow up and thrive in a responsible, tolerant and informed way.” Exciting facilities in the new centre include a tree house, sensory lab, art studio, science lab, cooking corner, maze, puppet theatre, gym and cafeteria. And, naturally, budding artists at the Eco Children’s Centre will be creating their masterpieces with bio-degradable paint. The school is also offering Mandarin classes, daily morning yoga and a shoe-free policy. Dent de Lait has a 20-year track record of delivering a highly interactive curriculum at its original nursery; which uses a unique child-centric curriculum based on the ‘Reggio Emilia Approach’. Hana Joujou, co- Founder, says that, “We believe in giving children an element of control over their learning through touch, sound, movement and observation. Dirty hands in the gardening space, big smiles as they eat the food they cook and the satisfaction of seeing their artistic skills come to life in arts and craft workshops. It’s all part of the Dent de Lait passion for Future Kids.” Dent de Lait Eco Children’s Centre is a unique learning facility to deliver only the very best experience – from the moment your child walks in to when he or she graduates. Its classes are led by highly experienced individuals trained in the field of Early Childhood Education, the student-teacher ratio is low and all classes take place in either English or French.