Bank Audi Announcement

Bank Audi announced that Mr. Aristidis Vourakis, a Greek national, has submitted his resignation as Member of the Board and Deputy Group CEO, a position he has held since April 2017. Mr. Vourakis has decided to resign for personal reasons.

Mr. Samir Hanna, Chairman and Group CEO, acknowledged the resignation of Mr. Vourakis and thanked him for his valuable contributions throughout his tenure at the Bank, wishing him every success in his new endeavors.

Mr. Vourakis declared: “In the context of the current crisis in Lebanon and the constrained appetite for investments, I preferred to pursue other opportunities outside the country. I would like to wish everyone in Lebanon a prompt return to normal conditions and economic growth. I would also like to thank all my Bank Audi colleagues for their cooperation, and firmly believe that they are well prepared to drive Bank Audi stronger.”


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