Alice Eddé at Beirut Design Week 2016 [BDW16]

The Alice Eddé brand has established itself as a champion of artisans and their crafts. The boutique in Byblos’ Old Souk is filled with treasures created here in Lebanon, from home fragrances and hats to leather bags. By promoting both Lebanon and its expertise in the field of handicrafts, the brand is helping to keep alive skills that have been handed down through generations, and keep production local and low impact. When she created the Alice Eddé brand, Alice realised the excitement was in combining the traditional with the modern. Breathing new life into ancient arts. So Beirut Design Week was the ideal place to showcase both the old and the new. The local and the international.
Elie Outayek: Leather Workshop Held on Friday, 20th May (6‐10pm) Elie is a master craftsman from Byblos, who comes from a family with generations of experience in leatherwork. His workshop drew visitors of all ages and backgrounds who were united in their appreciation for the quality of goods being produced in Lebanon. He showed visitors how to make, and add bespoke elements to, the Alice Eddé Basket Bag, which is a combination of leather and basketwork made by the blind.The methods are ancient, but the designs and material combinations are completely modern. Alongside his wife Reina, they made key chains with tassels for the interested crowds, and showed off the skills required to make fine leather goods of the highest calibre. Nicolas Ouchenir: Calligraphy without Ink Held on Saturday, 21st May (2‐4pm) Nicolas is the go‐to calligrapher for the Parisian fashion houses, and has the power to make words and brands come to life. After a flying visit to Lebanon in 2015 at Alice Eddé’s invitation, Nicolas returned for a weird and wonderful workshop on how to create calligraphy without ink. Hugely popular with young designers, illustrators and budding calligraphers, he demonstrated writing in a variety of coloured liquids, and introduced Lebanon to a form of non‐Arabic calligraphy that is rarely showcased here. Nicolas wrote people’s names in all the best things – tea, coffee, strawberry juice, orange juice, carrot juice, pomegranate juice, mint liquor with mint leaves and of course (!?) whiskey.
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