11 Local Rural Cooperatives gathering at Rasmaska Gardens on a sunny Sunday for “Souk Jana Loubnan في الشمال”

Beirut, Sunday, June 23, 2019: As part of its ongoing projects with Lebanese rural cooperatives [ARDI – AFDAL], Fair Trade Lebanon has organized, with the support of Expertise France, Care International and the World Food Program (WFP), a day outdoors at “Rasmaska Gardens” on Sunday, June 23, 2019. This event was organized for the first time in the North of Lebanon and gathered 11 rural cooperatives getting to showcase, meet and sell their authentic and natural Lebanese products to more than 500 visitors. The event also brought students from the University of Balamand who were able to discover and share knowledge with the attendees.

Known for being a picnic destination, “Rasmaska Gardens” concept has been revisited by the organizers for that day where visitors could enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables coming all the way from Akkar and Mount Lebanon, as long as tasting Mouneh products and enjoying some authentic Saj delicacies.

“Souk Jana Loubnan” which brought together around 11 cooperatives from all over the Lebanese regions, aims mainly at giving the latter access to market by increasing their visibility among new potential customers and encouraging the creation of short circuits. The event is also an opportunity to promote Lebanese products by highlighting its high quality standards that fall under strict regulations supervised by Fair Trade Lebanon’s quality control team.

This event organized for the first time in the North of Lebanon, falls under the line of similar exhibitions and fairs organized by the NGO in all the Lebanese regions for the preservation of Lebanese’ heritage and encouraging locals to sustain in their lands.

About Fair Trade Lebanon:

Fair Trade Lebanon currently offers a viable economic model to farmers in rural regions of Lebanon. Providing around 30 cooperatives with adequate equipment, training sessions on hygiene, quality control and best practices according to Fair Trade regulations and principles. Lebanese farmers are now exporting more than 120 high quality Lebanese products through Fair Trade Lebanon’s network to Europe, UK, Australia, the Gulf countries and the United States. It is a great way of helping Lebanese men and women to keep their ancestral skills of farming Lebanese land and producing authentic Lebanese food staying alive and profitable.