Karpowership extends its West African reach by signing a 120MW LNG to Power contract with Senegal’s National Electricity Authority (SENELEC)

In August 2019, Karpowership announced its latest West African regional award with the deployment of a Powership to Senegal. A Power Purchase Agreement was signed on August 7th, 2019; between Karpowership and Senegal’s National Electricity Authority (SENELEC) requiring Karpowership to provide 120 MW capacity for 5.5 years.

The Powership, in partnership with SENELEC, started commercial operation in the capital city, Port Dakar, on October 6th, 2019, with the mission of providing affordable electricity to the good people of Senegal while creating additional savings in the economy.

Operation began with HFO for the first 6 months and will switch to LNG for the following 5 years; becoming the first LNG to Powership project in Africa, with the highest capacity to date.

Karadeniz Powership Ayşegül Sultan, with its 235 MW installed capacity, has the ability to meet the increased demand of Senegal’s growing economy, provide a significant contribution to the country’s electricity supply and create employment opportunities via economic and reliable electricity to various industries. The electricity generated by the Powership will not only be an infrastructure upgrade for Senegal’s energy operations and reduce the average cost of electricity in the country, it will also create the opportunity for electricity export to the neighboring countries, thereby establishing Senegal as a strategic energy hub.

The arrival of the Powership, while creating savings in the economy; which in turn can be reinvested in the country; will improve the environmental baseline with the usage of LNG in operation.

Karpowership is committed to Senegal’s social and economic development and is looking forward to providing reliable, sustainable, and affordable electricity in addition to contributing via social responsibility projects.

About Karpowership

Karpowership is the owner, operator and builder of the only Powership™ (floating power plant) fleet in the world and plays an active role in medium to long-term investments; providing access to fast-track, affordable and reliable electricity. Powerships have a range of 30 MW to 470 MW and are delivered ready to operate in less than 60 days. Currently, Karpowership owns and operates 22 Powerships with an installed capacity exceeding 3,500 MW and another 5,000 MW are under construction or in the pipeline. In addition to a Powership fleet, Karpowership owns and operates its own LNG fleet.  With expertise and experience in the field, Karpowership serves as a one-stop-shop for LNG to Power solutions, as a single provider delivering all parts of the value chain; including but not limited to LNG sourcing, transport, delivery, regasification, and electricity production; with the mission of powering life wherever needed. With more than 2,500 employees globally; Karpowership is operational in Indonesia, Lebanon, Mozambique, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau, Gambia, Senegal and the Caribbean. For more information on how Karpowership powers life, please visit: www.karpowership.com