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Bassma Draw a smile

Bassma Draw a smile

1/3 of Lebanese live in poverty!  300,000 Lebanese families live with less than 120 dollars a month, and are unable to secure their basic needs according to UNDP’s ‘Rapid Poverty Assessment in Lebanon’ in 2016. Since 2002, @bassmalb ’s mission is to empower the most destitute families by fighting poverty, hunger, illiteracy and delinquency. Help

BASSMA LAUNCHES WORLD FAMILY MONTH 2019 “Empowering destitute families to build a stronger society”

Beirut, May 9, 2019: BASSMA launches its 4th “International Family Month” campaign to help families in need, in partnership with the United Nations Information Center in Beirut, and in collaboration with Grand Cinemas. On the occasion of International Families Day, and in collaboration with the United Nations Information Center in Beirut, represented by Mrs. Marguerite

#ForEveryChildResults UNICEF and partners reached over one million children in Lebanon last year

Strong partnerships with 22 donors and 84 implementing partners made UNICEF’s work for children possible in 2018 Beirut, 10 April 2019 – UNICEF and partners supported more than one million girls, boys, adolescents and young people across Lebanon in 2018 with health, nutrition, education and child protection services. Working in close collaboration with the Lebanese

Roads for Life Distributes Rescue Kits in Conclusion of Army Training Sessions

Zeina Kassem: The Golden Hour is a sacred right for Lebanese Army soldiersjust like everyone else Roads for Life (RFL) distributed 81 rescue kits to the Marine Commandos Regiment and 32 kits to other Lebanese Army fighting units, totaling 113 rescue kits distributed during the graduation ceremony concluding several training sessions at the Hamat Military Base.

Open Minds Holds its Annual Dinner under the Theme “#ana3adi”

Ghida Rabbat: Let’s help them be special according to their skills and invest their talents in society. Dr. Rose-Mary Boustany: 0.1% benefit from assistance, and treatments covered abroad are not covered here. The OpenMinds Fund held its annual dinner at Beirut Waterfront’s O1ne in the presence of Vice-Prime Minister Ghassan Hasbani, Minister of Social Affairs May Chidiac,

Mr Bechara – CHANCE (Children Against Cancer)

CHANCE (Children Against Cancer) is a Lebanese association (License Number 52/AD) based on Volunteer work and donations, that is geared towards the help of needy children with cancer and blood disorders. CHANCE was founded in 2002 and has been expanding since. Over the past seventeen years, CHANCE succeeded at providing moral, psychological and mainly financial

“Walk with Al Younbouh”

The fund raising event “Walk with Al Younbouh” will be held on Sunday May 12, 2019 @9:30 am at Fouad Chehab stadium – Jounieh and will be animated as usual by Mr. Tony Baroud, the faithful supporter of “Al Younbouh”. Al Younbouh NGO  is a nonpartisan, nonsectarian center for the rehabilitation of people with special needs.