Dr Burgener at Four Seasons Hotel Beirut’s Spa

Dr Burgener Switzerland is an exclusive and revolutionary Swiss brand focusing on face and body products for ultimate luxury and yet remaining environmentally friendly where possible.

What started in 1955 by Dr. Marc Burgener, the father in law of Dr. Pauline Burgener as a clinic in Lausanne, Switzerland and in collaboration with Dr. Nicholas Chami has now expanded to a luxurious family business located in only a few hand selected locations across the globe which includes the Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Beirut.

With its proven effectiveness and clinical studies conducted by the Dr. Burgener Laboratory and Professor Humbert, the personalized Haute Couture Facial Treatment program will assist in reducing the depth of wrinkles, improve firmness and tonicity, lift the oval of the face, provide a better glow and luminosity and finally, refine your skin complexion and texture.

Your skin defines your personality and beauty which Dr. Pauline Burgener aims to preserve and result in better aging.