“Million Dreams “ signed by Dina Melwani

Moldavian Designer Dina Melwani based in Dubai founder of DM Fashion House , launched “Million Dreams” at the closing of Beirut Fashion Week Designers & Brands organized by L.I.P.S

The colors emerged from gradient red to the royal blue, and dark black black without forgetting the basic earth colors such as beige, gray and gold.

Dina Melwani has adopted Italian and French laces, crepe, Italian silk and chiffon for her new collection “Million Dreams”.

The Russian Royal Palace (late 19th century early 20th century) served as an inspiration for this collection.

“Fashion was great at the time, as well as fine jewelry and crowns,” she said. “It inspired me to design the dresses and the style of hand embroidery that prevailed.”

Soft pink and blue fabrics, blended in royal blue and red with dazzling black depths inspired by a distinctive era in history. The gowns are decorated with lace flowers, feathers with pearls, Swarovski crystals and beads.

The phoenix which we often known in Russian folklore stories is prevalent in some embroidery work

Also the fashion sourcing mainly fabrics from Italy, France and Spain. All products are unique and almost every product is decorated with hand-embroidered elements designed exclusively for the special fashion line created by the designer.

Dina Melwani fashion house established its position as a creator of Haute-couture. Apart from haute couture gowns, the brand mainly markets Evening and cocktail wear. A top quality is assured for its products, as the brand employs experienced couturiers from Europe and Russia.

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