• Behnoode Unveils His Autumn/Winter 2020/2021 Collection to help children in poverty  in Nepal

Dubai, UAE – July 8, 2020 – Middle Eastern designer brand BEHNOODE pledges to donate 100% of the revenue that will be generated from his latest Autumn/Winter 2020/2021 collection ‘Beauty Behind The Barriers’ to help children in Nepal.

“It’s Couture for a Charity Cause” said Behnoode Jahaverpour, Founder and Creative Director at BEHNOODE

“Even though I was not supposed to launch a new collection this season, I have pursued to still join the recent Arab Fashion Week hoping that I could use this platform to reach more audiences and like minded people who would like to help and contribute to the causes and charity initiatives that I do.” he added.

“This new collection is 100% dedicated to fund my campaign to help through BEHNOODE Foundation. The revenue that I will be generating from this collection will be donated and used to finance programs that can help children in poverty in Nepal.”

“We are living in challenging times and now more than ever we have to help those in need. I started my Behoonde Foundation in Nepal in 2016 and I’m truly committed to helping these children. It has given me a strong sense of purpose In life” says Behoonde.

Behnoode decided to set up this foundation in 2016 when the founder Behoonde Javaherpour was visiting Nepal on a trekking expedition to the base camp of Mount Everest.

After experiencing the poverty and seeing the malnutrition in the children, Behnoode immediately decided to support the situation. He reached out to the Olga Murray Youth Foundation and the Namche Bazaar Child Welfare School  with his business partner Jean-Marc Decrop .

He was touched so deeply when he found out that these children walked 2 hours a day each way just to get an education, enduring intense weather conditions. This orphanage is only open 6 months in a year.

Last December 2019, Behnoode spent 4 days at the orphanage teaching children on how to sketch art and inspire their creativity.

Behoonde visits Nepal 4 times a year providing backpacks with basic essentials needed for their schooling along with medicines, food and money.

On his next trip in August, he will be making jackets for the children.

“Seeing poverty inspires me to work even harder so that I give back to a community that I’m passionately committed to,” says Behoonde.

Future projects for the Behoonde Foundation include opening up a school where free education will be provided.

“For those who will buy the collection, we are giving an incentive for online shoppers, they will be receiving free visual styling appointments and consultations.” added Behnoode.


The AW20/21 collection entitled “Beauty Behind The Barriers” explores the relationship between human external public persona versus the inner authentic self.

The collection is a mixture of checked and patterned suits with shades of earthy and natural tones such as brown soil, green leaf and cloudy sky as well as classic Signature BEHNOODE suits and trench coats.

“We live in a world dominated by power, wealth and celebrity and its influence can create a projection of an altered reality. This season I want to explore the valor behind the veil and the beauty behind the barriers. The authenticity of the individual soul by dissolving away the external appearance and revealing the genuine grace within”, ​said Behnoode Jahaverpour.


Behnood Javaherpour was born into a family involved in design and textiles in Tehran; Iran. His father was the pioneer of designing and producing camping equipment in Iran at the time. Behnood’s mother was an antique dealer who was also involved in the thriving textile world.

As a child, Behnood grew up in a household of creativity and colour – hence his passion for art and design developed very early on in his life. Drawing and painting became second nature to him and he loved his little sketch book where he used to take everywhere with him. He spent his primary school years in Tehran and learnt about the different materials and fabrics from his dad’s trade. Behnood fell in love with the world of textiles and fabrics and started doing collage boards with different coloured materials to make garments for his sketches.

Behnood always had a special eye for fashion and was very curious and observant of the outfits people wore around him. He started to develop his passion for fashion as he grew into a teenager and believed strongly that he can have a major influence in this industry. He believed that due to socio-economic situations, Iranians were limited in their choices of clothing and that they became very distant and estranged with the world of fashion. He wanted to change that and the only way to do it was to master the industry through knowledge and experience.

Behnood moved to Italy at the age of 17 and whilst studying, he also started working with the local tailors learning the trade during his vacations. This experience was a huge learning curve for Behnood as he was able to learn the tricks of the trade first hand and gain the confidence required to create garments. He started designing and tailoring outfits and this became a full time job after he finished his high school. Behnood managed to save money and funded his further education at the Politecnico di Milano where he studied International Business and then later he went on to Instituto Marangoni to continue his passion and enthusiasm for fashion. He graduated in 2005 and by then his label Behnoode was established in Napoli. After years of successful business in Italy, Behnood has extended his brand into the Middle Eastern market where his outfits are popular amongst the young professionals. Behnood has also managed to inspire and attract the young Iranians with his unique yet simple designs and is proud to have been able to influence the fashion industry in that region. He strongly believed that one day he will bring back colour, design and style to his people and the Middle East, and today he has achieved this goal.

Behnood is fully committed to producing high quality, fun and unique designs for the global fashion industry.


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