Intricate three-tiered high arched windows cascade into a frame around every woman. The quintessential Lebanese architectural detail creates a radiant halo that serves to bring her into focus, as the surroundings slowly melt into her captivating now.

ELIE SAAB PREFALL 2021 brings the emboldened feminine strength of the 1970s into the contemporary moment. The collection is a nod to the courage of the past for allowing the present to playfully pave a way forward.

Her confidence resonates in her fearless multitudes of self-expression, with a wardrobe of striking silhouettes for every distinct persona she chooses to become. From tailored suits of oversized jackets and flared pants with side stripes in bold leopard prints and macrame, to extravagant sequined-embroidered tulle fitted gowns with flirtingly moments of translucence and skin, she invokes the essence of the feminine mystique from the 1970s, when women embraced their fierce individuality. ELIE SAAB PREFALL 2021 is a perpetual play between structure and fluidity to accentuate the feminine form with pronounced shoulders, plunging necklines, crepe form fitting jumpsuits, draping sleeves and hooded capes. When wanting to test the boundaries of her soft femininity, she adventurously wraps herself in black feathers, white flowing overwear, warm wool camel tone and supple jersey in cherry and green accentuated by the ELIE SAAB monogram and metallic details.

Her look is always embellished with an ELIE SAAB bag: a logo-clad clutch for subtlety, a top-handle purse for statement, or a gold chained cross-body for taking over the world. Sometimes she throws a silk scarf around her neck for dramatic effect. At other moments she wears thick framed mod-inspired sunglasses and thigh high boots, leaving much to the imagination.

After all, in the ELIE SAAB PREFALL 21 collection, she makes all the rules to play. Strong and assured, poised and graceful, she will charm you into her moment because she is every woman.


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