We are delighted to share with you the images and the film of the ELIE SAAB Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2021-22 collection.


The time is ripe for a lush beginning, a fresh chapter to be written. It is time to achieve, to prosper, to blossom. Ecstatic flowers and branches reach upward infinitely, determined to paint colorful dreamscapes in whimsical strokes of rebirth and renewal, paving the way for a better tomorrow. Each bud emerges and gradually unfolds as a reminder that any and every moment holds the chance for new life, for new prospects to be nurtured and nourished.

ELIE SAAB Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2021-22 is a blissful season of flowering plenty, and every distinct silhouette a promise of growth. An impressionist at heart, ELIE SAAB manifests the world as he sees it, as he wants it to be. Each gown is generously sewn with daring seeds of hope, drawing a future abundant with possibility.

Feathers of every color of the spectrum flutter together to create grand bouquets ballgowns and bombers that softly rustle and sway, like fields in light wind. Glistening beaded petals organically vine through imaginary gardens of pastel muslins and organza, delicately redefining feminine curves. Smooth black and red velvets hug contours in alternating waves of opaque and transparency, while chartreuse silk is overlayed in flowing layers of rolling optimism. Three-dimensional flowers stem out of neck and shoulder lines, taking couture to fresh, new terrains of lavish textures, generous volumes and captivating forms.

Nature takes over and flora runs wild, metamorphosing into ornate foliage headpieces and rose-bow belts. Blush plissé is layered, petal upon petal, into defying spherical silhouettes, ready to come to bloom at any moment. Bold taffeta asymmetric gowns with oversized off-the-shoulder in saturated reds, blues, pinks and plum, fade into soft off-white and pastel crepe capes that train in the ethereal moment. The celestial blue bride glides in on cascades of embroidered floral lace, emanating a perennial kind of hope.

The ELIE SAAB Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2021-22 is a world where flowers perpetually flourish, reflecting a strong desire for new life. It is a world where dreams are born to take-off and thrive. The collection is a bright, hopeful reminder that a new day has dawned, that an eternal spring has arrived.

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