Spinneys Third Annual Pet Festival

Beirut, Lebanon – June 2019. This May, Spinneys kicked off summer for pets and animal lovers in Lebanon with a two-day event full of activities in Spinneys Hazmieh branch. This is the third year in a row that Spinneys holds this event, that proved to be a big success.

The Spinneys Pet Festival 2019 was mainly sponsored by Pedigree, hosting several businesses that offer pet services and products. Activities included an obstacle course, a pet pool, and two competitions on a catwalk. Trainers were available to support and navigate the pets through the pet obstacle course and carefully chosen judges were present to assign winners for the Fashion and best Trick competitions. The trainers gave a show that instructs animal owners how to approach their pets when giving them a command and how to effectively train them.

Throughout the event, a photo booth was available for animal enthusiasts and their pets to take photos and have a souvenir of this fun day.

The pet festival wasn’t solely designed for pets as it also engaged children through activities like face painting and inflatables. Many of the children also walked the fashion show with their pets on the first day of the event, and showed their pets’ skills during the second day’s competition.

A grooming station was also available, in addition to a vet stand, where pet owners could receive tips on how to take care of their furry friends. Moreover, pet lovers were able to get on the spot the Spinneys special Pet Clun loyalty card, which collected points they can exchange with pet related products.

The event was a fun and memorable experience for all those involved. Guests went home with a new memory made with their pets and new knowledge on how to better treat and engage their pet.


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