Motocross Academy organized its first annual race giving passionate riders the chance to compete professionally and building a solid and safe foundation for the next generation

Abreen, Batroun , Sunday the 23rd of June 2019.

Motocross Academy Lebanon organized its first annual race “Summer Trophy 2019” at their home track in Abreen. The 2019 season was launched with the presence of a large audience in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and excitement and in collaboration with Motul, Nescafe, Commercial Insurance, Redbull, Honda, Ohlins, Sofi de France, McGRAfi, GoPro and Pierre and Friends.

The competition was managed by the founder of the academy and the Lebanese champion Rafi Eid with the help of the director Joe Sallouty and accompanied by the Lebanese Red Cross, Civil Defense and YASA Support.

Eid and Sallouty thanked the supporters and the sponsors of Motocross Academy for making the event a huge success. They also stressed on the importance of riding safely while distributing the awards and cups to the winners.

A total of 44 racers grouped in 8 categories competed with a high level of professionalism and sportsmanship.

Mr. Rafic Eid, Founder of Motocross Academy said: “Our mission at Motocross Academy is to create a place for all passionate riders and motocross sport lovers where they can train and compete in a safe and professional environment and to build a solid foundation for the next generation. Mr. Joe Sallouty told us: “We want to give riders a chance to experience an adrenaline rush on a closed track instead of them having to possibly resort to reckless speeding and racing on the roads. With the talented riders we have and the support of Mr. Eid, we are on the right track to start competing and have Lebanon be represented on the international stage.