Spinneys Celebrates 10 Years of Green Initiatives

In a one of its kind Eco Friends Festival

Beirut, Lebanon – October 2019 – Celebrating a decade of green initiatives through a full-fledge campaign running throughout the month of October, Spinneys crowned its activities with a one of its kind Eco Friends Festival hosted in Hazmieh branch, targeting schools in the area.

A great believer in the power of youth to make change happen, for a more eco-conscious and green Lebanon and planet, Spinneys Eco Friends Festival welcomed children from 8 to 13 year old, who got the chance to learn the most innovative eco-friendly practices, through hands-on workshops given by the festival’s partners.

Spinneys Eco Friends Festival gave the students the chance to participate in activities such as building environmental friendly electronic products, discovering and visualizing solar panels, as well as experiencing first-hand alternatives to plastic, creating compost for plants as well as healthy recipes, by using left-over food, and much more. The kids left home with a set of solid skills to apply to their everyday lives in order to enrich their environmental responsibility and encourage their parents to be eco-friendly.

As a pioneer in environmental initiatives, Spinneys launched a TV campaign shedding lights on its green practices, from new eco-bags design, to the first reusable vegetables and fruits bags, to plastic bottles and cans recycling machines, in addition to a draw on a TESLA electric car, and electric cars charging stations established in 3 Spinneys branches.


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