This waste water system is finally here after 6 months of hardwork, said Nayef Kassatly, VP of Kassatly Chtaura, as he welcomed on July 26, 2019 his Excellency Mr Fadi Jreissati minister of environment and his team, Mr. Saroj Kumar Jha World Bank regional Director, Ms Celine Moyroud Resident representative, UNDP, Ms Mouna Couzi World Bank representative, Mr Marwan Rizkallah manager of LEPAP program at the ministry of environment as well as presidents of Makse, Bwarej & Majdel Anjar municipalities.

This plant is designed to clarify 250-300m3 waste water daily, it is equipped with the latest lab technologies to test the water along its path to ensure the cleanest water fit for agricultural purposes, according to international standards, and provided for free to neighboring farmers. Samples are regularly validated by governmental labs to ensure the best performance, continued Samer Harmouche,, Production Manager.

“Kassatly Chtaura has set the bar very high said Mona Couzi a World Bank representative, and this should set an example for other companies to follow, confirmed Celine Moyroud, a UNDP representative.

His Excellency Mr Fadi Jreissati, Minister of the Environment recognized and thanked the factory and all involved parties: from the World Bank to LEPAP, to the UNDP and the Italian Corporation and the Central Bank which all worked closely to fund this subsidized project.

Kassatly Chtaura he added has fully cooperated and complied with all the international requirements to provide a cleaner and better environment for the consumer. We should all encourage such companies and be proud to only consume their produce because they practice social responsibility in order to prevent more pollution.