FFA Private Bank Celebrates 25th Anniversary


FFA Private Bank celebrated its 25th anniversary this Sunday on the 16th of September at Ahlam Golf and Mountain Village in Kfardebian.

Away from the suits and cocktail dresses, in a casual country lunch in nature of the famous Lebanese mountain area of Kfardebian, chairman and CEO, Jean Riachi announced the mark of 25 years since he founded FFA Private Bank.

“I started FFA 25 years ago with 3 employees. Today we are more than 120 people and a group of companies. FFA Private Bank in Lebanon and Dubai are leaders in the fields of wealth management and capital markets with more than 1.5 billion of assets under management. We started with a capital of 1 million Dollars. Today we have reached around 45 million and we have the highest bank capital adequacy ratio in the region. Our real estate arms manage hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate properties and projects in Lebanon and abroad,” said Riachi in his speech.

The event, which was held at Ahlam Golf and Mountain Village, a project by FFA Real Estate, was designed to be eco-friendly and local friendly as a message to spread change in the country.

No plastic was used in the event and everything was meant to be reusable. In addition, people leaving the event were given vinegar, jam, and plants made by local Lebanese farmers.

The event was filled with site-specific art interventions organized by CUB Gallery, an initiative by FFA Private Bank, and integrated in the natural environment of Ahlam.

FFA Private Bank’s 25th Anniversary video, done by student, Ramzi Khoury was shown at the event.



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