Byblos Bank awarded the “Fastest Growing Debit Cards Portfolio in 2018” by Visa

Beirut, 11 April 2019 – Byblos Bank was awarded the Fastest Growing Debit Cards Portfolio in 2018 by Visa in recognition of its outstanding performance in the card market in Lebanon.

For the occasion Georges Fares, Head of Group Cards, Accounts and Bancassurance at Byblos Bank said: “We are pleased that our strategy to move our clients away from cash towards cards and new payment technologies has been recognized by Visa.” He added: “Byblos Bank is constantly leveraging worldwide trends to provide clients with innovative and advanced payment methods, thus catering to their ever evolving needs and expectations. Indeed, clients today want their cards to help them make fast and secure payments, which is why we’ve been proactive in improving and expanding this product in the past years.”

Commenting on the award, Nabil Tabbara, General Manager for Levant, Visa, said: “Increasing the adoption of digital payments is a key focus for Visa in Lebanon, and we are pleased to award Byblos Bank for achieving the highest growth on debit cards in the market during 2018. This award signifies the successful partnership with Byblos Bank to spread the digital payments culture as well as driving consumers to use their debit cards locally and internationally. The growth witnessed in 2018 indicates that our joint efforts to highlight the safety and convenience of using debit cards either at points of sale or during ecommerce transactions have yielded significant results and we are truly proud with our strategic partnership with Byblos Bank.”

A long-time partner of Byblos Bank, Visa is a multinational financial services corporation operating in 200 countries around the world. This is the third time it rewards Byblos Bank for its efforts in reaching out to more customers and for the continuous year-on-year growth of its card portfolio, which confirms Byblos Bank’s leading position in the card market and the high standard of its state-of-the-art services and products

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