Bank Audi Launches the WhatsApp Business API


Beirut, April 1, 2019

Bank Audi, Lebanon’s largest bank and a leader in the region’s financial industry, has launched the WhatsApp Business solution to drive a contextual, more personalised experience for its customers. Utilising Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, Bank Audi is leveraging the WhatsApp Business API to make the banking experience easier and more accessible for all. The ability to connect with customers via the messaging app will allow Bank Audi to provide its customers with easy access to useful information – creating an enhanced and more meaningful customer journey.

With Nexmo APIs, Bank Audi is able to connect directly with customers via WhatsApp, offering an elevated level of service experience to Bank Audi Personal Banking and Private Wealth customers.

With WhatsApp, Bank Audi customers can:

  • Chat with a live agent and receive personalised support
  • Explore a suite of financial products and services

“The importance of mobile communication is now an established fact”, says Marc Audi, General Manager Lebanon – Bank Audi. “This is why it has become a necessity to communicate with customers the way they expect us to, starting with notifications and chat support, and offering more functionalities going forward.”

“Integrations into messaging apps like WhatsApp are enabling businesses throughout the Middle East to create a more memorable customer journey,” said Omar Javaid, Chief Product Officer for Vonage. “We are thrilled to work with Bank Audi, helping them to leverage our Nexmo APIs to enhance the way they connect with their own customers through a personalised and contextual experience, driving deeper engagement and more meaningful customer relationships.”

Bank Audi has succeeded in offering tools which provide customers with the convenience and flexibility they long for in their day-to-day relationship with the Bank. This new digital landscape and efficient solution is yet another direct reflection of the Bank’s innovative culture.


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