Bank Audi Supports Financial Literacy through “the Spring Interschool Competition”

In yet another endeavour to support financial literacy and inclusion among the youth, Bank Audi organised an interschool competition pertinently called “the Spring Interschool Competition”.

The competition, which gathered twelve schools from the Metn region, was launched last November under the main theme of Lebanon’s 75 years of independence. Some 650 students took a written exam pertaining to various topics including math and critical thinking, technology and innovation, banking, Lebanese poets, and 2018 events. The top three students from every school were then selected to take part in the full-day Grand Challenge at Bank Audi’s headquarters in Bab Idriss on March 2. The third and last round consisted in confronting those top performers, in such a way as to end up with three schools as top finalists, three students in first place, three in second place, and three in third place.

Mrs. Grace Eid, Head of Retail Banking at Bank Audi sal, thanked the participating schools and students for “the enthusiasm and dynamism they demonstrated while partaking in this project”. She also expressed “the Bank’s satisfaction with this enriching initiative which showcases its commitment to develop young people’s full potential through financial literacy and inclusion.”

The three winning schools – Collège Mariste Champville, Beirut Evangelical School, and Collège des Saints Cœurs Ain Najm – were granted trophies by Bank Audi in recognition of their participation in “the Spring Interschool Competition”. First place students – Hanna Gedeon, Murielle Abou Imad and Youssef Chidiac – were awarded a USD 1,500 cheque each, while second and third place finalists received USD 1,000 and USD 500 respectively.

Once again, Bank Audi innovates in boosting financial literacy and academic excellence, with the ultimate objective of raising a fiscally aware young generation and building a society which is cognisant of economic information and constraints.


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