With over 200 million of global users, the HUAWEI Y Series Gets a New AI Triple Camera phone with 48MP Main Camera

Recently, Huawei announced the launch of the HUAWEI Y9s globally. According to the official announcement, this new product brings improvements in design and camera technologies that younger consumers are most anticipating. The phone will be equipped with an AI Triple Camera setup comprising a 48MP Main Camera and an 8MP Ultra-Wide Angle lens.

Positioned as an entry-level range, the HUAWEI Y Series, Y9s is less “high-profile” than the HUAWEI Mate Series and P Series. However, taking the design concept of “being young and powerful”, Huawei has implemented flagship-level technology on the Y Series, which not only exceeds younger consumers’ needs but have also won the recognition of global consumers. Since its first release in 2015, Huawei has shipped 200 million units of Y Series smartphones globally. Besides for China market, the Y Series has witnessed a strong sales growth overseas.

So, what advantages does Huawei have that make its entry-level phone so competitive?

Huawei is always committed to providing high quality products. But how can Huawei make it possible in entry-level phones as the cost needs to be low? It’s because Huawei has accumulated many years of technology know how and has deep insights of users’ needs. Many might think that it is not difficult to deliver good user experience, such as communication, battery life, camera feature, ID design, performance, display and UI design. But the fact is, behind any high-quality feature or performance, there is high investment in R&D, with Huawei spending billions on R&D every year. Huawei is quoted as saying it invests 10% to 15% of its annual revenue in R&D and has spent around $73 billion US dollars over the past decade. By the end of 2018, Huawei had invested more than $2 billion US dollars in 5G alone, which is more than the total investment from all major equipment vendors in Europe and US.

What are Huawei smartphones’ advantages in software, hardware and user experience?

Huawei smartphones are well known for technological innovations, especially around stable communication and connectivity, premium camera hardware as well as long battery life and reliable charging. With the help of the GPU Turbo technology, Huawei has greatly improved the gaming experience on its mobile phones, rivalling Qualcomm flagship SoC powered phones. Additionally, Huawei handsets impress consumers with amazing colour designs, such as Breathing Crystal launched this year.

Even the entry-level models are amazing and punch well above their weight. On the HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019 released in the first half of 2019, Huawei used a front-facing pop-up camera on its device for the first time, delivering a true borderless FullView Display experience. Such extraordinary pop-up camera design was usually used in mid-range and flagship products back then. Therefore, HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019 is a great example of Huawei bringing high-end quality to entry-level smartphones. Meanwhile, HUAWEI Y Series continues Huawei’s technical advantages in mobile photography and offers amazing camera features. On HUAWEI Y9 Prime 2019, high-resolution camera works with AI Scene Recognition to enable users take great photos and videos in most scenarios. In addition, it sports a large battery so that heavy users would not worry about running of battery.

Huawei’s rich accumulation in technological know-how enables the HUAWEI Y Series to be regularly upgraded. From the Y5, Y6, Y7 to Y9, the Y Series provides on-trend design and reliable quality, making it an ideal choice of cost-effective gadget. So, will the new HUAWEI Y9s come with a surprising design and price? Let’s stay tuned and look forward to the launch.


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