The Iraqi Esports Community Thrilled as Asiacell Launches its All-New Platform ‘GameCell’

Asiacell signs a strategic partnership agreement with the Iraqi Esports Federation (IQESF), launching an esports platform accelerated by its fast data connectivity & broad costumers’ base.

In a grand event that took place in a customised grand venue in Baghdad, 250 Iraqi streaming and gaming enthusiasts witnessed the signing of a strategic partnership agreement between Asiacell Communications and IQESF – Iraqi Esports Federation. The sponsorship agreement marks the launch of Asiacell’s newest platform, GameCell, which shall serve as a home of everything gaming in Iraq, organised by IQESF and accelerated by Asiacell; it is the first and only official esports society and platform in Iraq.

Much like Asiacell, GameCell aims to bring people together who enjoy playing video games, watching esports as a spectator, or those who are entirely new to the gaming community and are looking for a friendly atmosphere to lean in. The GameCell aims to offer the best experience possible and cater to all kinds of streamers and gamers, whether competitive, casual or in between, all accelerated by Asiacell’s fastest 4G internet service available with the broadest coverage in Iraq. Asiacell’s new platform will offer a series of weekly, monthly, and seasonal tournaments organised by IQESF, where top gamers will be competing for cash prizes.

The event itself was one of the most elaborate events Baghdad has witnessed. A holistic experience was designed using gaming themes. Cosplay, giant robots, gaming stations, action figures display, light and laser shows, and friendly tournaments, to name a few of the activities that took place in the immense space that was created, were utilised to display how Asiacell does not cut any cost to serve its users, streamers, and gamers with the best. After the heart-stopping event launch and light show, Mrs Chra Hussain, Asiacell’s Chief Commercial Officer, and Mr Haydar Jaafar, the President of the Iraqi Esports Federation, signed the strategic partnership agreement between them. Asiacell shall be the only Iraqi company supporting the gaming community and streamers with its superior technology and fast internet, while the IQESF shall be organising tournaments along the year accelerated by Asiacell’s 4G.

“Gamers and streamers are a big section of our customers. For a while, they were not satisfied with the internet speed provided due to 3G limits. Since the launch of Asiacell’s 4G services directly after the governmental official 4G licensing a few months ago, things changed as we were able to meet our customers’ data speed needs”, said Mr Omer Faleh, Asiacell’s Director of Public Relations and Communications. “We listened to their needs, and we have been enhancing our services around the clock to improve the data speed in a way that serves the public need, especially the gaming and streaming community. We know that the esports community has not always been looked at kindly by society; however, Asiacell is happy to adopt its talent and be the only telecommunications company that supports them and customises its products and services to serve them better. The arduous work we have put in has paid off as Asiacell was just ranked Iraq’s first telecom in terms of speed and coverage. We are happy to sign this agreement with IQESF as a true intention from Asiacell to support the esports community. The GameCell platform, which we have launched today, is a place for gamers and streamers to gather, play games, share experiences, and participate in tournaments where we, as Asiacell, will be offering sponsorships, technical support, data centre hosting, game developers support and many more surprises to come. Asiacell is keen on changing the public’s perspective the esports community has”, he added.

The President of the Iraqi Esports Federation, Mr Haydar Jaafar, said, “We are honoured to be receiving support from a big Iraqi corporation and the fastest telecom in Iraq, Asiacell. The gamers and streamers have always been loyal to the Asiacell brand, even before this grand gesture. Asiacell has been providing stable fast internet, which we as gamers and streamers need to play our esports. The new platform we will be managing for Asiacell, GameCell, is much needed in our community. We are glad that Asiacell is supporting us financially and technologically. Gaming is now faster with Asiacell”.

About Asiacell

Asiacell “Brings Us Together” is the leading mobile telecommunications and digital services provider in Iraq, exceeding a customer base of 14.7 million satisfied customers as of January 1st, 2021. Asiacell is recognised as the first mobile carrier to operate in Iraq and the first to achieve full nationwide coverage, offering quality 4G services across all Iraqi governorates. Asiacell’s network covers 99%+ of the Iraqi population, making its national network the most extensive among the other two mobile operators in Iraq. Since January 2015, Asiacell is proud to be the best internet service provider offering the highest quality network in Iraq. By mid-2021, Asiacell is accredited to be the fastest 4G service in Iraq by Speedchecker® and the most comprehensive internet coverage by Ookla®.

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The Iraqi Electronic Sports Federation (IQESF) is a not-for-profit national body proved to promote esports, increase its level of awareness, improve its standardisation in Iraq, and inspire future local talents. IQESF aims to support esports activities in Iraq and provide expertise and advice. They are focused on the grassroots level of esports and are not a governing body.

As the IQESF is a not-for-profit organisation, all revenues generated go back into running the organisation and funding popular esports, including running championships for schools and colleges, supporting the setting up of clubs and other initiatives.

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