LG Electronics: A smarter life at our fingertips

Is it possible to imagine life without smart phone? Naturally, it won’t be easy, as it has become a defacto modern convenience, a staple of our daily life, which leads us to believe that other modern smart devices will be as popular and will play an essential role in our contemporary activities, they will become our friendly helpers in our smart home.

LG has been always at the forefront of developing smart solutions and introducing the state-of-the-art appliances, thus offering comprehensive benefits to users of all types. LG in seeking to make our homes futuristic, had adopted the most innovative trends in technology such the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and invested to make them part of its products and processes. LG is helping us through this combination of artificial intelligence and the internet of things to have empowered machines to act as smart assistants for us at home, especially in the kitchen, the main hub of family living and gathering.

While developing its smarter platform, the Company kept in mind how to ensure the increase of convenience for consumers, and how to offer more efficient devices and home equipment and at the same time ergonomic consumer-friendly design, smart functionality with AI-powered smart interactivity.

The smarter home with the help of LG will make our living smarter, easier and more comfortable. SmartThinQ app is one of LG pillars of smarter home that allows us to accomplish many household tasks while placing control of the entire smart home ecosystem at our immediate command. It will grant us the possibility to program our intelligent appliances in advance, to “ask” our smart assistants to perform many tasks needed for later; we will be able to communicate all the time with devices and will be informed of any updates with the help of IoT sensors, part of all devices.

The efficient and productivity-boosting SmartThinQ technology results in time-saving and permits us to enjoy other activities, to better spend our time, to have more time on our hands to practice our hobbies, rest or relax in front of LG ThinQAI OLED TV, the TV with the intuitive controls and stylish interfaces that make it easy to find the right content from a variety of streaming platforms.

As Managing Director of LG Levant, Hong Ju Jeon, puts it: “LG consistently works on providing the most innovative products to its consumer by taking into consideration the ultimate need to maintain a modern lifestyle where time becomes an essential factor to every person. LG’s comprehensive lineup of smart home solutions is designed to work in close cooperation with one another and with LG ThinkQ products, kitchen will be the perfect place to start the domestic smart revolution”.

LG Electronics, a frontrunner in developing technology that provides for richer experiences, emotional connections, and improved social lives with our loved ones, is turning our smarter home into our beautiful small world, interconnected technologically and humanly.

“The human element in technology is still very much alive, and will remain so for as long as we continue to value emotional connections with the ones we love,” added Mr. Hong Ju Jeon.