Beirut, Lebanon – April 6, 2020. The coronavirus outbreak has seen governments impose a state of lockdown as the chief measure of containing the virus spread. Families have since been staying at home, and have been adapting to this mode of life while trying to make the best out of it at all levels.

From Samsung being always keen that the users of its products would make the utmost use of a device’s features and benefits, Samsung Electronics Levant shared today a number of good uses of Samsung TVs that would help achieve ultimate user experience compatible with home confinement.

Samsung’s Smart TVs and TV screens open a wholly exciting world of features that span the spectrum of the educational, entertainment, and work aspects while families stay at home. When fully utilized, they are capable of ensuring family bonding is further strengthened in the most efficient, pleasant, caring and rewarding ways.

To begin with: In the realm of Education, namely eLearning, Samsung TVs have a number of applications for teaching and eLearning, thus catering to the needs of the instructional body, pupils, and students. Most notably, parents will find those applications as amazing aides in tutoring their children, and the experience so mutually enjoyable as to create lasting memories and affections.

Further, as the lockdown has effectively regrouped families at home 24/7, it thus opened a real opportunity for spending quality time together, thus ensuring a better work/family balance than ever before, much to the enjoyment of both the parents and their children. In this context, Samsung TVs come at play to facilitate and solidify this family togetherness through the Samsung game application “Family Together” which is installed on Samsung Smart TVs and currently contains 9 games (card games, brain games, quiz games, Dominoes). Families will revel in that application while availing with great fun of the precious extra time gained for entertainment at home, thus turning their confinement into a delightfully animated experience.

In addition, Samsung’s Video on demand (VOD)feature brings a TV application that allows a user to select and access stored video contents as desired, such as movies and series on Netflix. At such a facility and ease, extended home stay is made lighter, and the atmosphere indoors festive and happier.

And when it comes to experiencing extra cheerful moments together, Samsung’s Mobile Screen Sharing wireless technology allows parents or their offspring to show the media that’s playing on their mobile on the TV set, thus creating room for individual contribution of media material, conversations, lively comments, witty remarks, and overall warmth and appreciation.

In the same vein, Samsung’s Laptop Screen Sharing wireless technology allows the family member to show the media that’s playing on their laptop on the TV set. As this feature also stands to be very helpful for eLearning on a bigger screen, it would certainly be a catalyst for better clarity and understanding of study material, and for success in tests and exams eventually.

In sum, Samsung TV users will no doubt welcome these usage tips as they are shown how they could go about filling their homestay days in the most useful and pleasurable ways by simply tapping into the wonderful technologies that Samsung TVs and overall devices come equipped with.

For in the final analysis, Samsung highly cares, and always acts in the best interest of its customers and their dependents.


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