A great magnetic base for Captain Ahmad Mezher!

The number of Captain Mezher’s followers has increased as it does not stop day after day, gaining fans and fans of all ages, shining with his videos on the Tiktok application.

In the past, domestic air tourism in Lebanon did not take its due, as the captain was able, through his spontaneity, to encourage people to love Lebanon and its tourism in light of the difficult economic situation it is going through and most of the Lebanese are unable to travel abroad.  This experience was welcomed, helped and encouraged by the Directorate of Civil Aviation headed by Engineer Fadi Al-Hassan, Director of the Safety Department, Dr. Omar Qadouha, Captain Adnan Yamout, Captain Wissam Hamdan and all the security services.

Captain Ahmad Mezher’s Biography:

He holds a diploma in environmental engineering from Sweden and a commercial pilot certificate from Lebanon. Captain Mezher stated that It is time to highlight the image of the Lebanese youth to achieve hopes and ambitions, create opportunities and reduce unemployment and youth immigration from Lebanon.

He studied engineering in Sweden, then he came to Lebanon to settle, and began working in the Lebanese aviation and succeeded in this field due to his professionalism and great knowledge. 
Captain Mezher discussed that flying is the same but airplanes are different, and the most challenging is flying the small ones where the captain has to do everything himself without relying on a lot of instruments and Auto-pilot, he relies on his planning, calculating and executing the whole flight manually and he believes that this is the best experience any pilot can have and has to keep practicing it, because instruments and electronics may fail… then the only survival and life saver is the one who has it all in his mind.