• The Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an is facilitating financial grants, which will support the growth of social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations that address solutions to Abu Dhabi’s social challenges.
  • These community-supporting organisations can apply for the funds to expand and enhance their operations and improve its social impact.
  • Ma’an Grants Programme will help build a thriving third sector with stronger value-driven enterprises

Abu Dhabi, 26 October, 2020: The Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an has today unveiled its pioneering grant initiative, “Ma’an Grants Programme”, which will provide funds to grow and enhance existing not-for-profits and social enterprises, that are working towards the mandate of elevating Abu Dhabi’s social and community development.

The initiative is one of Ma’an’s key strategies in advancing the growth and sustainability of a flourishing ‘Third Sector’, comprised of organisations with value-driven goals as well as promoting a culture of giving and participation in civil society.

The Ma’an Grants Programme also aims to support Ma’an’s objective to drive social innovation and grow social ventures to help build a thriving ‘Third Sector’. As a government entity, Ma’an regularly supports the ‘Third Sector’ by introducing and operating different innovative programmes.

This includes the Ma’an Social Incubator and Accelerator programme where Ma’an has supported social entrepreneurs to develop their innovative products and services as well as providing support for sustainable funding through its Social Investment Fund.

As part of the Ma’an Grants Programme, eligible established enterprises can apply for financial assistance to help build and develop their impact towards achieving positive change by addressing Abu Dhabi’s social priorities.

The Authority will collaborate with successful Grant recipients from the year-round open application to ensure the organisations make a sustainable and measurable impact, as well as building healthy and cohesive communities.

H.E. Salama Al Ameemi, Director General of Ma’an, said: “The launch of the Ma’an Grants Programme represents another significant milestone in our mission of delivering social impact in Abu Dhabi and marks an important step towards achieving a thriving  third sector by creating and providing innovative solutions for social challenges that are being faced today.

“We know that Abu Dhabi has a caring society with many enterprises looking to enhance the way their organisations support the local community. The Ma’an Grants Programme aims to identify and support the most innovative social improvement enterprises, ensuring they have the necessary financial support to achieve their amplification. Together, we will reinforce values deeply engrained in the culture of the UAE, those of giving to others, putting the community first and making a positive difference to the everyday lives of Abu Dhabi residents and citizens.”

Not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises who wish to apply for this exceptional opportunity to amplify and advance should be legally licensed within Abu Dhabi and strategically aligned across Abu Dhabi’s social priority areas.

According to the 2018 Quality of Life survey, the below social priorities have been identified by the Department of Community Development as focus areas, which the Ma’an Grants Programme aims to address. These are:

Family and Community

Projects which aim to improve social cohesion and inclusion by targeting social needs including People of Determination and the elderly. It should also promote members of the community to engage more and participate in volunteering activities.


Projects that seek to prevent, cure or provide support to Abu Dhabi residents and citizens with a wide range of physical and mental wellbeing solutions and programmes.

Education and Skills Development

Projects which aim to empower the younger generation and adults and enhance their skills development.

Dedicated experts will assist applicants throughout the Grant process, before working with them to channel funds into the most sustainable and measurable solutions.

Faisal Al Hmoudi, Social Contracting Director, said: “Ma’an is looking forward to be working with Abu Dhabi’s social enterprises and non-profit organisations. By fostering a diverse network of enterprises and providers, we aim to build a sustainable Third Sector with a common commitment to positive social and community development.”

The launch of Ma’an’s Grants Programme marks another step forward for Ma’an and their mission to create social impact. Its Ma’an Social Incubator and Accelerator has been fundamental for the creation of innovative products and solutions that have helped address the social challenges that are being faced today.

Through mentorship and training as well as access to expertise and investors, social entrepreneurs have developed their ideas into fully-fledged businesses that have benefited People of Determination and those with mental wellbeing.

In addition, the Social Investment Fund is the official government channel to receive contributions from the public sector, private sector and community. Through the Social Investment Fund, contributors can support in establishing a third sector that aims to address important social causes.

Applicants that are interested in Ma’an’s Grants Programme are invited to email [email protected] to apply for a grant request form.