Arab Fashion Week Day One Highlights

Dubai, 22 Oct 2020
At 8pm Dubai time, the Lebanese superstar Maya Diab, now named by the Arab Fashion Council “Fashion Icon of the Arab World” has declared the Arab Fashion Week open in a live speech from Beirut. The Icon made an appearance in the middle of an empty catwalk saluting the Council for stepping up to revolutionize the Fashion industry by taking the fashion week digitally in an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus and taking the industry to the next level. Furthermore, in between the runway shows that live streamed exclusively on the Facebook platforms, Maya Diab made another appearance on “The Hue Of Fashion” panel hosted by Lebanese Media figure Sally Moussa Hajjar. During the talk Maya Diab has declared for the first time to the public her dream to build an orphanage, adopt kids in need and raise them personally. More so Maya announced that the launch of products line under her name is now closer than ever to launch. The Icon addressed in motivational words the fashion community and in particular the Arab designers encouraging them to always believe in their potentials.
Just after Maya Diab’s speech, the UAE based designer Amato Couture kick off the runway schedule in an impressive fashion film focusing on the values of equality, unity, and diversity. The collection titled Divine Indwelling reflects a story of equality, diversity and unity. “In my own fashion universe, there are no boundaries – everyone is created equal. The film ‘Divine Indwelling’ states the fact of this special presence without explaining how it takes place,” AMATO Couture founder and creative director, Furne One, says. The Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela starred at the show that featured Metallic gold and silver as a powerful duo in the collection entrancing you to have a sense of mystic and wonder. The fashion film “”…ultimately reflected the AMATO woman; bold, brave and beautiful, and the sort of activism for racial equality,”
Next show featured Filipino USA based designer RC Caylan who showcased in a American garden under the sunny sky a collection for both womenswear and menswear that is much inspired by the beauty of nature.
Euphoria, the 2018 born Emirati brand which is already stocked at the major department stores around the Middle East from Galeries Lafayette to Saks Fifth Avenue, and, has debuted their first runway on the official calendar showcasing  “Revive” collection which expresses the believe of brighter days’ approach, through voluminous shapes and optimistic colors symbolizing freedom and hope. Euphoria’s Collection “Revive” embodies on a minimalist tone collection with Simple yet beautiful structured shape. Unique pieces displaying modernity and classic style to stand out against a neutral palette of pink, powder blue, nude color blocks broken up with flashes of purple, fuchsia and black.
Next on the row, FAD, the Dubai based fashion school has showcased the work of 3 of their graduates under “FAD TALENTS” which has become a major fixture on the AFW schedule. The selected new talents are CMYKAY, Dalal by dalal mouride, and Dimenssio that showed very fresh collection governed by the young energy. As usual, FAD Talents met the expectations in showcasing very editorial and creative pieces.
Back on schedule the two Turkish sisters Ezra Cetin and Tuba Cetin the creative directors and co-founder of the renown label Ezra Tuba. Since the brand’s inception, the duo sisters has used technology as main source for their creativity, from using smart fabrics to intel sensors embroidery and to monitored embedded chips in the fabric. Surprisingly, this season the brand released a very robotic film in absence of the humankind dominated by robotic warning narration of the environmental and humanitarian risk surrounding the planet. It clearly said, The Collection from EZRATUBA protect you from virus… The unusual show stated:
And everything suddenly changed..
Everything suddenly plunged into darkness. This is exactly what they told would happen.
The Earth’s climate is changing. We as the human race are breaking away from nature at a higher pace than we used to. Even so, we are rapidly approaching, with our own hands, viruses in nature that threaten our bodies.
Neither the human race nor the world was prepared for a pandemic; pharmaceutical industry and food industry was not qualified and well-equipped enough to cope with it on their own. Textile products, too, must be more developed so as to be able to protect us from what is at hand.
We are always looking into the new technologies, we are constantly researching the new scientific discovery or theories. The world is constantly changing to be part of this change we need technology. In order to protect you we have prepared an antivirus collection for you. We are ready to battle the virus. We took ‘vir’ out of virus and kept “us”.
The collection shootings done with the world’s first avatar influencer ROBODEF.
The last show of day one was the Emirati label Baravia who showcased “The Majestic Collection” which is inspired by the new luxury during the pandemic, the main vision of the majestic collection takes us back to the 17th century in Italy and France. The designer’s inspiration wanders not only the baroque architecture but also the interiors, the furniture and focus on the elements of drama and bold ornamentation that the baroque style holds. The colors, the gold carvings and the intricate details and in the embroidery and patterns of each garment. The building structures and arches are the base of our silhouettes, which accentuates the female figure and makes the women feel grand and dynamic. Makes them feel like a majestic woman.
In line with the Arab Fashion Council’s adoption to the see-now; buy-now concept, the runway collection is available for immediate purchase on the a luxury market place that enable clients to preorder their favorite runway look and shop it 6 month before finding it on the retail racks. In addition, UAE based clients can shop the runway collection at Galeries Lafayette, Arab Fashion Week pop-up in the Dubai Mall.Images and Videos of the runway are shot by Nikon.


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